Furry Stockings - Cutting Fur Is An Art!

Updated 11.11.22

Furry Stockings - Cutting Fur Is An Art!

I just had to share our "new" furry stockings! Hung by the fire.... OMG! I just L.O.V.E!!! them. 😍😍😍

I kind of showed hubby my idea with the fur and such and he was like.... "meh... " What? I'm like really??? I think they will be sooooo cute!!!

So, I sent a pic to my daughter to see her response. She's all... "Mom, that's so cute!" (That's my girl!)

I told her what dad's response was, and she says... Guys don't like fur.

Well, she must be right. Hubby's warming up to them now that they are finished. 😊

I made these stockings years ago. They were very simple, I made them out of fleece. I would call them kind of whimsical.

Before stockings - whimsical

You can see I had already started taking off the embellishments on the last one. It was just beaded wire, that I formed and hand sewed on.

I took off the bows and was ready to start new.

One of the reasons that prompted me to re do them was that my daughter got engaged and her fiancΓ© is coming for Christmas. I am sooo happy for these too! πŸ’— 


I wanted to make him feel apart of our family traditions. So, not only did I re do them, but I also made another new fleece stocking, for him. (Since this post is from 2016... I've also added another for my daughter-in-law. Now, we have grandbabies!)

There are plenty of tutorials out in Pinterest world to show you how to make one, so I'm not going to try and reinvent the wheel...so to speak.

I just love how they look!!!

Stockings hung by the fire

We hung them on the mantel at Stonybrook, after we remodeled the living room. You can see the whole Christmas tour here at, Our Less Is More Christmas.  

Our Less Is More Christmas - Stockings

Then when we moved to the brick house, I made a branch stocking holder in 2021. You can see that Christmas home tour here at, A Meaningful Christmas.

A Meaningful Christmas - Stockings

What I do want to talk about is the challenge of cutting fur! I had no idea!! 

When I purchased the fur for these stockings, the lady at Jo Ann's mentioned that you have to get the scissors right next to the material part of the fur to cut it correctly.

Hmmm. okay. I kind of blew off the comment.... well, well, well...

See for yourself. I didn't cut this, this was cut by the same lady, that apparently got kinda got lazy at the end of cutting my fur!

Wrong way to cut fur

It's quite obvious now! So, here we go....

Prepped to cut fur

I only bought a 1/4 of a yard. That stuff is EXPENSIVE! Regular price is $39.99 per yard. Thank goodness it was 40% off and I only needed a little. 😊 So, I only spent like $5 bucks for all of the fur cuffs. Yay!

I measured and marked it. Ready to cut. Slow and steady.

This is cut correctly.

Right way to cut fur

All of the furry part is still stuck together. The only part that I cut was the fabric that holds it together.

You have to wiggle your scissors back and forth to sneak those tips down to the fabric. Then snip, snip, snip...

Then to sew the side seams of the cuffs, you need to "pull" all the fur away from the edge so it will look continuous.

The poorly cut fur was kind of hard to hide. Here's a seam showing that. If it wasn't for that poorly cut area, you wouldn't even see my seam!

Seam with poorly cut fur

It's not too noticeable. And for my purposes it will be fine.

I hand sewed the fur onto the stocking cuff. Just a simple whip stitch.

New Furry Stockings

Then I made some pom poms. Check out my, Crochet Pinterest Board, there is a cool tool there, that makes them so easy to make. Pom poms come out pretty, perfect and fast!

The last part, was the wood slice. I purchased a package of them at Hobby Lobby. I just chalk transferred an initial onto it and hand painted it in. Super easy! I've used that technique on several projects.

Wood Slice Initial

Aren't they just too cute!!?? Here's a before and after.

Before and After New Furry Stockings

Now everyone has a stocking. 😊

Stockings hung by the fire

I love this photo! That year I did a super simple Christmas!

Furry Cuff Stockings



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