Our Living Room Transformation Start To Finish

Hubby and I are in love with our living room!  Sometimes we look at each other and can't believe this is the same space!?

Living Room After Full View

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In this post, I combined all of the projects we did to transform this living room into one post.  It's all here and easy to go to each one, by clicking on the links before each photo.  Or you can click on the photo and it will take you to that project. 😊

I had always wanted to redo our living room, but two things held me back.

One... our couch, it was comfy, but it just wasn't working for this space. Plus I just didn't care for the tan color anymore.  Two, our matching tan carpet had seen better days....

Don't get me wrong, this looks space looks nice, but there doesn't seem to be a focus and it just wasn't us.

Living Room Before

In this post, we made some major decisions!  We completely moved the focus of this room, changed where we hung the TV, and demoed something we couldn't stand anymore!

Our Living Room Through The Years

This living room has been through some changes, but the BIGGEST change came when we tore out that carpet and did the coolest floor!!

The Best DIY Plywood Floors

Once that was done, there was no stopping us!! This next part is where our vision started to take shape! The wall and fireplace get finished, and the TV is hung. ❤️

Our Living Room's Major Makeover Part 2
This is when I started to fall in love with our living room again!  As you can see we put up a mantel.  Here's how we built it!

How To DIY & Distress A Faux Wood Beam Mantel

Next up, it was time to makeover our media cabinets.  Granted, this wasn't the first time they've been through this process.

Bestå Cabinets Get Another Makeover

They don't even look like the same cabinets, but I assure you they are!!

The next project was a game changer for us!  We built a shelf behind the couch to hide all the techy cords!!

How To DIY A Powered Sofa Shelf

Now, I'm going to show you our end tables.  Again, I'm using what we already have and these little guys are on their second makeover also! (just like our media cabinets)

End Tables Get A Farmhouse Update

Our old couch had recliners in it, and our new one doesn't.  So, the plan was to build some ottomans, because kicking back with our feet up is MOST important!

 Affordable DIY Ottomans

When we built the ottomans, we knew we wanted them to easily slide and fit under a coffee table.  (Boy, this seemed to really turn into the book... 'Give A Mouse A Cookie'... ) So of course, that was our next project.

How To Build A Farmhouse Coffee Table

When we planned our mantel, there was no question we wanted to add corbels to soften the transition to the fireplace.  That project just got moved to the back burner, since there were so many other  projects that were screaming for our attention.

How To DIY Farmhouse Corbels

Lastly, we wanted little C- Tables for our chairs.  With the aquarium on that wall between them, there was really no room for end tables.  This was the perfect solution!

How To Build A Simple C-Table

Of course, I still plan on covering the two brown chairs with white slip covers.... but hey, I'm a 95%er... It was time to move on to other more pressing projects! 🤪  I promised hubby that I WILL finish them, but the office makeover has been calling my name!

Let's take one last look at the before and after... Don't you love seeing the changes?😍

Before 2013

Before 2017

Current view!❤️
After 2020

After 2020 side view

After 2020 side view


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