Guest Bathroom Progress!

Me feeling accomplished putting up drywall

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We have come so far!! Hubby and I are still trying to wrap our brains around the fact that we created and built a bathroom! 😲  Only by the grace of God!!

Our goal was to get this bathroom from studs to functioning in about a week (10 days to be exact). Our daughter and family were coming up the following weekend and we needed this bathroom to be working. 

Hubby took the week off and we got to work!!

Cutting hole for the tub drain plumbing
Cutting hole for shower/tub plumbing

There were a few times Hubby was unsure, saying..."I don't know, Babe, this is kinda above my pay grade." I was right there with him! But then The Lord, would bring the right person along to give advice, walk Hubs through some steps and give the confidence He(we) needed. 

God is so faithful!!!

We have never installed a tub/shower, sewer plumbing, or vent plumbing but we did it!! We prayed a lot and watched a ton of YouTube videos!

Installing tub on a bed of mortar
Installing tub on a bed of mortar

We knew buying this house, we were going to have a lot of DIY. That's what we signed up for.

The time crunch was not fun to work under, but it sure did push us to get this bathroom working!

Leveling the tub in the bed of mortar
Leveling tub in the bed of mortar

I truly believe that with each project we completed, it continued to give us more confidence for the next.

Thankfully, Hubby and I work really well together. It helps that we co-owed apartments for 10 years, plus we've been married for 33. 😍

Adding clips to tub to secure to wall

I was pretty nervous about the tub and shower surround install. I read so many reviews and of course all the nightmare problems.

When we purchased the tub, we took it out of the box at Home Depot and thoroughly inspected it for any defects or cracks or scratches. A hairline crack could turn into a very large one down the road. We purchased the Sterling Store+ Tub and Shower Surround at Home Depot. I also purchased the shelf kit

Throughout the week, I can always rely on Hubby having a sense of humor, to keep things light hearted. 😂

Keeping our sense of humor

We installed the entire thing without too many problems.  I think the tub/shower faucet kit gave hubby more trouble than anything!

Sterling Store+ Tub/Shower Installed

But it all works! Water lines and drain had no leaks!! Yay! I didn't install the shelves in the corners yet.  I really like this kit. What's nice is that you can move the shelves around, take them out and clean them in the dishwasher!

Toilet flange and water lineToilet flange

Install wall & subfloor finished

Do you think we have enough drills? 😂

I keep overcoming my fear of that monster nail gun

Nailing wall into place

Hubby working on sink plumbing.

Finishing up sink plumbing

Now, it's time for some dry wall! It's really starting to look like a bathroom! Those 4x8 sheets of drywall are heavy!! Whew! We got them up!  

Our son came by one Sunday afternoon and helped us get the ceiling up. 👍

Installing drywall

I used a mesh tape (this isn't the one I used, but it's similar) for the seams and corners.

Mesh tape drywall seams and corners

I think I will do a post on mudding drywall. I thought that doing drywall and mudding was terrible and extremely messy! Through this project, I've learned that bad technique is what makes it terrible.  I'm not great at it, but getting better. 👍

Mudding the seams and corners of drywall

This is the last photo I'm going to share in this post. We installed this beautiful luxury vinyl flooring.  There definitely is a learning curve to it and we watched some videos for some tips. This is Lifeproof in Chiffon Lace Oak.  I love the color and how it came out!!

Installing vinyl plank flooring

Whew! What a week! We did it! The bathroom wasn't finished, but it was working! That's all we needed. Now, we are going to disassemble it a bit, so I can finish the drywall and tweak a few things. Gotta get back at it!



  1. WOW just amazing Lori! Love watching you and hubby working together and getting stuff done - lots of great photos and very informative. Thank you

    1. Thanks so much Leanne! We are really enjoying the projects!!


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