Guest Bathroom Remodel Details

Guest Bathroom Remodel Details

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It's been a BUSY month! But I promised I would go through the guest bathroom and focus on the details. Why did we choose what we chose, how easy was it to install and how it's been working.

Home Depot Merryfield Vanity Front

The main focus in our bathroom is that gorgeous vanity! Let me tell you, it's just beautiful! 

We found this at Home Depot, it's the Merryfield Vanity. We love the height of it. It sits at 35" tall and is 61" long, depth is 22". It fits perfectly in the space. All of the drawers and cabinet doors are soft close. Who doesn't love that?!!

Home Depot Merryfield Vanity Marble Top

The marble counter is beautiful and easy to clean. We love the under mounted sinks, they are a nice rounded square and look super modern.

Was it easy to install? Well, it's a beast of a vanity, weighing in at 338 lbs. The marble top and sinks come attached. So, you're going to need some help getting it home and in place. It was worth it though, it's the show piece of the bathroom. So far, the marble counters have been easy to clean.

Home Depot Delta Broadmore Faucet

For the faucets, I chose Delta Broadmore Single Handle Faucet, also from Home Depot. It comes in black, chrome and brushed nickel. I decided to go with the brushed nickel because it seemed to be a bit more timeless and classic. I LOVE the pull down on the end of the spout, it's so nice and easy to rinse out the sink. This one also had a single handle. Hubs and I only like single handle faucets, we're not a fan of separate knobs for hot and cold water.

Hubs also wanted the handle on the side. I asked why? He said that he didn't like water dropping all over the faucet when you turn it off. Wow! I would've never thought of that. Good thinking!

Were they easy to install? Yes, it was a simple and easy install. My son installed one of the faucets and he's never done one before. 👍

The only bummer about the vanity sink was that it had 3 holes already drilled out for the faucet. We had an easy quick fix. I purchased sink face plates that would cover the holes. Thankfully, the brushed nickel matched perfectly!

Mirrors and lights above vanity

The mirrors... I knew I wanted them before we built the bathroom. I love the size, the wood detail... all of it. Thankfully they fit perfect. I purchased them from Target, Threshold French Country Mirror 30"x 42".

We ran into some snags with the lighting. At first, we thought that one light over each mirror would be enough for the entire bathroom. Plus, we had a bathroom fan that had a light in it. Well, after a bit of use, we realized that was no way near enough light!

Farmhouse light fixture from Amazon

I ended up getting this farmhouse fixture on Amazon, with two lights over each vanity mirror. The lights were straightforward and easy to install. Our struggle was making sure our light box was center over the mirrors. 😜

We also added 2 pot lights, one over the tub/shower and one over the toilet area. So. Much. Better!

Ceiling pot lights

The pot lights were super easy to install! We love those things! They are thin and snap right into the drywall. No more huge can lights that are a pain to anchor and install. We also purchased a 4 ¼" hole saw, it was the perfect size for the pot light.

Home Depot Sterling Store + Tub and Shower Combo

The tub/shower combo... Boy, it was hard to find one that had good reviews.  Everyone had something to say about all of them out there... The best one we could find was at Home Depot. We purchased the Sterling Store + 30" Tub and the Sterling Store + 3-Piece Direct to Stud Alcove Surround. We love it. It has one of the best storage options in the shower walls. We chose the Sterling Store + 10 piece shelf kit. They also have a 12 piece kit with baskets for kiddie toys.

We had never installed a tub before. We checked the tub thoroughly at the store before we purchased it. That was some of the main complaints. If there was a hairline crack, that will turn into a larger one down the road. We just followed the directions (and watched a ton of YouTube videos). 

The walls were super easy, they just clicked in place. After a couple of months of use, we love it! No issues at all.

The Tubshroom - hair catcher

Let's chat about hair catchers... Everyone needs this hair catcher! It is amazing! It's small, fits right in the drain and catches everything and it's super easy to clean. If you have long hair this is a must! It's called the Tubshroom, you can pick them up on Amazon or at Lowe's.

Flooring... Choosing flooring isn't easy, but we knew a couple of things. We wanted it to be quick and easy to install, and waterproof. Hubs and I aren't a big fan of tile on the floor. The main reason is that it's cold and we're too cheap to put heating in underneath. Plus, it's a TON of work to put in a tile floor. That's not for us.

Home Depot Lifeproof flooring - Chiffon Lace

We chose a luxury vinyl at Home Depot, Lifeproof Vinyl Planks in Chiffon Lace. It's a light gray and white with a touch of creamy warmth, which makes it compliment the wood tones in the bathroom. I love it!!

It's a waterproof, click and lock vinyl, that you don't have to have any underlayment for. We struggled a bit at first, watched a video, learned a few tricks and we were on our way. We love it! 

That about sums it up. Hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


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