Demo Days At The Brick House

Ready for Demo

We have been so excited to start demo! We are such a mess, covered in dust, but so happy to get started on our new guest bathroom.

The first thing we needed to do was create another entrance to the laundry room. That meant tearing out the back wall to a closet.

Taking out closet wall

Now we will be able to walk through into the laundry room, instead of using the hallway door.

Open to Laundry Room

Let's take a look at our plans...

Moving Bathrooms

We are working on the bathroom closest to the laundry room.  

All the walls in this next photo have to be taken down to the studs and then some.... The cedar closet has to be completely removed.

Entire hallway to be demoed

That's what I started on next. Removing all of the cedar planking.

Removing cedar planking in closet

The wall where the shower pipes are has to come down too.

Our son, Jordan, came over to help. He was incredible! He just kept pounding and pounding! We were so thankful. We got so much done that day!

Time to demo walls

I'm really bummed... for some reason I didn't take a very good before photo of this bathroom wall. You kind of have to imagine the shower and the length of this wall as one. Behind it was the cedar closet.

Shower and bathroom wall

The shower tiles are already demoed and I'm starting on the wall. Tiles are super heavy! I'm glad we have a dumpster to dump it in.

Now let's take this wall down!

I have to say, demo is a lot of work, but a lot of fun!

Tiles are off, take down the wall

Just look at how much is done! Two of the shower walls are gone!

Shower Walls are gone

Hubby and I had said that we weren't going to work much on Sunday, because for one it's The Lord's day and we try to take a day of rest, but we also feel like we can do things we enjoy. Well, we were pulling a few nails and cleaning up a bit and the next thing I know, Hubs is sledge hammering the concrete shower pan! 😲 He's taking it easy... he's still in his slippers. 😂

Demo Shower Pan

He got it started and the next day, I finished it.

Finishing up taking out the shower pan

The last of the demo was taking out the ceiling area. So, yucky! It'll be so nice with new drywall and all cleaned up!

Taking out the nasty ceiling fan

Now that all the walls are down, it's time to build new walls and get this project rolling!

New Guest Bath Plans

Here's a picture that I've mocked up.  You need to use your imagination...

Mock up of bathroom

Can you see it? Let's get building!!


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