Master Bathroom Design & Mood Board

Master Bathroom Design & Mood Board

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I am sooooo excited about this bathroom! Yes, it's similar to our guest bathroom. If you want to see all the details of that remodel, click on over to Guest Bathroom Before & After.

We've changed our floor plan a couple of times, but each change seemed to get us closer to what we really wanted. Some of the changes were out of sheer convenience and some for ROI (Return On Investment). 

We don't know if this is our forever home. In fact, we don't know how long we'll be here. So, there's a lot to think about with each project.

Here's our final floor plan. This isn't to scale, but it's very close.

Master Bathroom Floor Plan

We decided to keep the door that leads out to the patio. We initially thought we'd close it off are re-brick the outside wall. It just didn't seem that the time and work involved would really be worth it. Now, I'm so glad we're keeping it! If we have guests outside, they can easily access this bathroom. Or if hubby is pretty grimy he can go right into this bathroom and shower. 👍

The other major change was the location of the door into the bathroom from the master bedroom. We need that long wall (where my watermark is) for our tv and dresser. We had it where the storage cabinets are. After moving the door to this location it opened up so much more space for the storage cabinets. Which leads me to the other change.

I was going to have a makeup counter extend past the vanity, but since we put the door there now, we're going to build a little something in the storage cabinets. I'll explain more on that later.

Lastly, we chose to purchase a shower pan, instead of building one and tiling it. A shower pan just made sense and so much easier!!

Okay, let's get on with the fun stuff! The mood board!

1. Bathroom Vanity - We really liked the vanity from the guest bath, so we decided to do that exact same one. It worked out really well, because it just went on sale again! Home Depot's Merryfield Vanity.

2. Vanity Mirrors - These are from Target, Black Mirror Threshold With Studio McGee. This one is 24 x 36. These are always out of stock online. So, I signed up for a notification when they are in stock. The first notification I received, I tried to purchase 2 and by the time I got to check out they were out of stock again.... So, the next time I got a notification, I just ordered one and I got it! The same with the next notification. 🙌 And they didn't arrive shattered!

3. Pendant Lights - I wanted something a little different in this bathroom for lighting and I thought pendant lights would be pretty. These are the ones we chose, they are pretty cheap on Amazon. Black Industrial Mini Pendant

4. Rug - I have struggled trying to find the right rug for the guest bath, but I kind of like this one for the master bath. Who know's maybe I'll just get the same one for both bathrooms. Black Bathroom Rug.

5. Luxury Vinyl Flooring - At first we were going to do the same flooring as the guest bath. It's a very light grayish white. The flooring we choose for this bathroom is going to be in the hallway, our master bedroom, master bathroom and the guest room. So, we wanted to be sure we loved it! We went looking again and found this one. We both love it! Hanover Hickory by Smartcore.

6. Bathroom faucet - It's the same one as the guest bath, just in black. Delta Broadmoor Faucet.

7. Shower Tile - Mike and I both fell in love with this tile the minute we saw it. We will be doing a simple subway tile pattern with the Satori Regent Statuario Glossy 4" x 12"

8. Black shower doors - We haven't picked the exact one yet, but it will be something like that.

9. Black Shower head - Delta Ashlyn Shower head

10. Storage Cabinets - We aren't sure exactly how this is going to turn out. I saw that Sawdust To Stitches created a vanity in her storage cabinet. The plan is to do something like that. You've got to check out her Double Vanity Drawer and her Hot Tool Storage. I'm super excited about this makeup area!

Okay, there you go! A simple modern and classic bathroom. 


Master Bathroom Design & Mood Board


  1. It's fun watching your bathroom come together. Love your vision for your space. Can't wait to see it all done.

    1. Thanks so much, Adrienne! I can't wait either! It will be nice to have the bathrooms done!


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