Master Bathroom Update 90% Done

Master Bathroom Update 90% Done

This master bathroom has taken us so long to finish. It's been especially hard with Hubby's work schedule, but we are starting to wrap it up. 

If you've missed any of our progress, these links will bring you up to date. Wow! I can't believe we started demo way back in June!

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Throughout all of our projects there's one thing we try to keep at the top of our list... people. People come first, family and friends. We never want our projects to take priority. Yes, they take time and we have made some sacrifices. We are just trying to stay balanced, because in this little brick house the projects won't be ending soon... 😉 

Now that we are nearing the end of the master bathroom, it's time for all of the finishing touches. Those are my department, so I'm working as hard as I can to cross them off my list!

Here's what we've finished so far. (I'm sure I've missed some, but you get the idea)

Finished list

The electric is run and all the plumbing and sewer lines. We just need to finish an outlet at the sink and vanity.

Mirrors and lights at vanity

We've already hung the mirrors a couple of times, but I took them down to paint. I just need to wire the pendant lights. We also need to install the sink faucets.

Toilet and cabinet installed

I just need to paint the pocket door hardware. All the baseboards and door trim still needs to be done. But that shouldn't prevent us from being able to use it very soon!!

Mock up of makeup vanity

This is kind of what I am picturing for my makeup vanity. The white boxes are cabinets with a marble counter and another shelf with baskets. I just picked out the marble remnant today!

marble remnant

My vanity backsplash is cultured marble, but it matches the real marble so well! I'm so happy!!

Here's our punch list of what we need to finish...

  • finish pendants
  • outlet at sink
  • outlet at makeup vanity
  • cabinets for makeup vanity
  • install counter at makeup vanity
  • install faucets
  • add heating vent
  • hang mirrors
  • paint pocket door hardware
  • trim out doors
  • cover under cabinet and trim
  • baseboards
  • quarter round at shower
  • hooks for towels
  • paint backdoor
I'm sure there's more.... there always is. But I'm hoping we can actually start using this bathroom this weekend! Praying!🙏


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