Front Door Fall Basket

Front Door Fall Basket

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This front door fall basket is one of the easiest arrangements to make! It only take a few minutes to throw it all together.

What's great about it is that you really don't have to cut any of your stems. That way, you can reuse them in another season or arrangement. All you need is a basket that is a bit longer that can hang on a front door.

Here are some nice options from Amazon. You can just click on the picture and it will take you there.

My basket didn't have hooks or anything. I just tied some jute to the back of the basket to hang on my suction cup hooks.

front door basket

With floral arrangements you want to start with greenery. Something to give the arrangement a foundation. I added olive branches that came in a big bunch. I just separated them and spread them out.

Adding greenery to front door basket

Next, I added more greens but these had some pinkish flowers on them. This also came as a big bunch that I just separated and spread out.

Adding greenery with flowers to front door basket

Now that there is a nice green backdrop to work with, I put in the large peonies. These are the flowers that will be your main focal point. You can use sunflowers or large magnolias, whatever you choose.

Some of the flowers I've had for awhile and some are new that I added this year. What's so nice is that they can be used over and over.

Adding large flowers to front door basket

This is where it gets fun! Time to add interest and dimension to your arrangement. You can see that I added some seed pods on a branch. I love how it looks.

Adding seed pods to front door basket

To balance the seed pods, I added some rust colored eucalyptus on the other side.

Adding eucalyptus to front door basket

For some contrast and interest, I added some wheat stalks. I've also tucked in a few more sprigs of greenery here and there. This helps to fill in holes in the arrangement.

Adding wheat stalks to front door basket

We're not done yet, but it's really starting to take shape! 😍 I added a few branches of dried fall leaves in the background.

Adding fall leaf branches to front door basket

Time to fill in with a few more smaller flowers. I had some little mums on hand and tucked them in here and there.

Adding little mum flowers to front door basket

I had a few real wheat stalks to add into the mix. 

Adding small wheat stalks to front door basket

Lastly, I stumbled upon these beautiful burgundy and cream sunflowers at JoAnns. I knew they would be perfect! I think they took over the stage! 💗

Adding sunflowers to front door basket

Move things around until you're happy with your arrangement. I just love this one! I'm thankful I have a storm door to protect it.

Front Door Fall Arrangement

Did you see how I transformed our old 1960's front door? You wouldn't believe how awful it was.... Check it out here at 1960 Front Door Makeover.

I also showed this arrangement in my Fall Home Tour.


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