2022 Little Brick House Update

2022 Little Brick House Update

I thought it was time for an update on our little brick house. It's hard to believe we've lived here 15 months!

We've done a lot of work, yet at the same time it feels like we haven't, because we have so far to go...

Right now, today, we are going to start framing our master bedroom closet. 😍 Here's a nice before photo!

Makeshift closet

Let's take a quick trip down memory lane and see how far we've come and take a look at the looong project list of whats to come.

First, these were our plans for the brick house.

Brick House Plans I explain a lot more in this post.

It's pretty cool how our plans are actually coming together in reality!! 

Brick House Before & After Plans

Then the front of the house got a little work when we removed 6 trees!

Brick House Comes Out Of Hiding

Brick House Trees Removed

I can't believe how much better the front looks now! Spring is coming and we are really hoping to work on the yard. It will mostly be the backyard, which is beautiful, but needs a ton of work!

Next, we needed to replace the roof. We knew we were going to when we purchased this little gem.

Little Brick House Gets A New Roof

You can easily see from the photo above that it was needing a replacement. 

Now for the fun stuff!! It was during the time we were working on plans for the house and I needed something to do! So, I started on the office... I just needed something pretty to look at in there. It still needs a complete overhaul.

Office Wall Makeover Whoa! That's harsh! Check out the after! Sooo much better!

Office Wall before

Now for the guest bathroom!

Guest Bathroom Remodel - Before and After The before and after are unbelievable!! I still can't believe this is what we started with!

Guest Bathroom Before

I had a little time in between projects to work on the front door. I just couldn't stand looking at it anymore!

1960 Front Door Makeover It looks 1000 times better now!!! 😍

Front Door Makeover

We just recently finished the master bathroom renovation!

Master Bath Reveal Wow! We are so incredibly grateful with how it all worked out!!

Master Bath Before

So, if you're still here scrolling 😉.... here's some photos of all the afters.💗

2022 Brick House

Office Wall After

Guest Bathroom After

Front Door Makeover

Master Bath After

Projects still to come....
Guest Room
Master Closet
Hallway Renovation
Laundry Room
Kitchen Demo & Remodel
Backyard Cleanup
Office Reno
Livingroom Update

Okay... That's just off the top of my head... I'm sure I'm missing something and there will be a ton of little projects in between. But it gives you an idea of how much work we still have to do in this little brick house.

We are so incredibly happy here! We knew that God wants us here and this little house needed us.


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  1. So beautiful. Love all the things you do. Thanks for your encourgement.


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