Little Brick House Gets A New Roof

Brick House Gets A New Roof

Doesn't the new roof look fantastic? I was thoroughly impressed with the crew we hired. They were literally done in 1 day!

Here's a before photo of the roof. 

Old red roof

They showed up at 7:30 in the morning and got right to work. I really appreciated the effort taken to protect our shrubs with tarps. 

I took pictures throughout the day. It was quite fascinating to watch!

Roof getting replaced at 7:30

Within 1 hour they had almost all of the shingles removed. 

Shingles removed at 8:30am

Shingles Removed Garage at 8:30

Shingles removed Addition 8:30

I couldn't believe how fast it was going! The next hour they had all of the tar paper and drip edge removed.

Tar paper and drip edge removed 9:30am

Tar paper and drip edge removed 9:30am front

Next thing I know, there is a truck in the driveway lifting materials onto the roof.

Lifting shingles onto the roof with crane 10am

It's only 10am and they are ready to put the new roof on! By 11am, they have the paper on and are already starting to lay the shingles.

Paper on and starting to lay shingles 11am

Paper on and starting to lay shingles 11am

I am so amazed at how fast this is going! This next photo was taken at 12:45pm. What?!?!

Roof being replaced at 12:45pm

By 4:30, they were completely cleaned up and gone! I can't believe it!! 

Finished new roof

We are so glad that we chose a black roof. It looks so nice and classic. We also chose to have a black drip line. It just makes the lines of the roof more distinct. 

Now that the roof is finished, I'm dreaming of a painting the brick and new landscaping.... 

Here's a little mock up of what I'm thinking. Paint the brick white. A new front door. Paint the chimney black. Paint the garage door black. Clean up all of the shrubs. Doesn't it look sweet?

Brick House painted white

While we're dreaming.... what about adding a front porch! Oh, a girl can dream!

Brick house with a front porch


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