Guest Room Demo Surprise!

Guest Room Demo Surprise!

We've had lots going on around here and I feel like I need to bring you all up to speed!

When we purchased this little 2 bedroom, 2 bath brick rancher, we knew we wanted to add a 3rd bedroom. There was definitely enough space!

First, we needed to move the bathrooms, which we already did. If you want to see those transformations, click on over to Guest Bath Before & After and Master Bath Reveal.

Now we can do some more demo! This is where we started. Here's the master closet and the old master bathroom. That old bathroom is now the hallway and entry into our master bedroom.

Before Guest room demo

While we were demoing the bathroom, we saw that there was brick in between the walls. We knew that the bathroom and master bedroom was an addition, so we weren't too surprised that there was a section of brick.

found brick

We were actually more concerned that it was open access for critters to come into the house. 😮 Thankfully, none found there way in!

The demo continued...

Guest Room Demo Before

Guest Room demo starts

Guest Room Demo done!

Wow! What a difference! Right?! The ceiling boards still need to come out, but you can see the open space now that will be the guest room.

That back wall was really damaged badly from the closet system, so we thought it would just be easier to take that drywall down and put up new drywall.


Brick wall discovery

First, I was like, 'What?! It's a full brick wall?!!' I have no idea why I didn't realize it was a full brick wall. Duh!!

Full Brick wall in guest room

Then we realized that they didn't use full 2x4's in that wall, just 1x1's that weren't very secure. Once we saw the whole thing, we thought why don't we just leave it! That would be kinda cool! 😍

The open access to the attic needs to be closed off and that 'window' opening. We have no idea what that was or is. It looks like there might have been a window, but we can't find any more evidence of one on the outside or inside. So who knows? It still needs to be closed off.

Closing off window in brick wall

We added some boards in there to screw a piece of plywood to. Then I filled in the gap with spray foam.

Closed off window in brick

Then we added primed trim over all the open areas to finish it off.

Guest Room Brick Wall

I'm thinking of doing a German smear on the brick or paint it solid white. This brick is more orangey than red so it definitely needs something.

What a nice surprise, right?

We're moving right along! More progress to come!


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