Master Closet Reveal

Master Closet Reveal

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It is soooo nice to have a real closet again! To have it all organized and functional! Yay! But I can't show you that yet. You have to see how it all began....

Master Bedroom before

I can't tell you how happy I am to see that peach and green be gone! We have just a little more to paint... soon!

Master bath/closet Before

To add the guest room we demoed that wall. You can see the surprise we found, Guest Room Framed and More

Guest room framed

We've finished putting up all the drywall in the guest room, but needed to move on to the master closet. So, this is where we left off... Hubby framing the master closet.

Hubby framing the master closet

It's a pretty good size closet! It measures around 8' x10', not bad, right?

We only had to frame up 2 walls and the doorway. Pretty easy... Then throw up some drywall.

Master Closet drywall

Prime and paint! I'm really glad to be painting over that 80's peach color!😆

Painting master closet

What a difference!! I trimmed out the window with 1x3's. We wanted to have as much room as possible for the top shelf. Hubby's a pretty tall guy, so he doesn't mind his clothes being on the top shelf. This should fit 90% of our clothes. 

Closet double hang poles

Hubby works odd hours, so we decided to keep his work uniforms in the guest room. Which gives us more room for clothes in here.

On the other side of the closet, I installed another pole for dresses and longer sweaters. We actually, changed the top shelf. It now has a corner shelf that extends over the door and over the window. You'll see...

Taller pole and shelves in master closet

I guess it's time to show you how it looks now! The closet isn't completely finished. There are still a few projects I'd like to do, but we have more pressing projects right now. 

Walking into master closet

You can see how the shelf wraps around over the window. We have so much room! I added some hooks for Hubby to hang some clothes.

Master closet clothes hanging

This is really all of our clothes! I lined hubby's shoes along the bottom. I also just picked up these velvet hangers. I used them to hang up my sweaters. I plan on changing all my hangers over to the velvet ones. I picked mine up at Sam's Club, but here are some similar ones on Amazon. Velvet Hangers.

hanging sweaters

On the other side, I have my shoe caddy, dresses and long sweaters. I still can't believe how much room we have. It doesn't feel small at all! If I need more room for long hanging items, we can cut down the shelves to give more space.

Shelf side of master closet

Now you can see how the shelf extends over the door. I love how we have repurposed so much. The closet system was from the old master closet we demoed. The door with the mirror, was on the entry closet. I demoed that closet a couple of months ago.

Door of master closet

We purchased the rug on Wayfair.  I haven't worked out the wrinkles... oh well.

Here are the projects I'd still like to do...

  • Flooring (we'll do that when we clear out our master bedroom)
  • Baseboards
  • Give that little dresser a makeover
  • Cover wire shelving to look like wood
  • Make shoe rack/shelf
  • Paint closet door

But none of that is pressing right now... I'm back to mudding the guest room!

Blessings, Lori


  1. It looks amazing!!! Love that high shelf that wraps around the room - genius!!

  2. It came out awesome!! Great job!


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