Guest Room Framed and More!


Guest Room Framed and More!

This guest room went up quicker than I realized! We thought that it would go pretty fast considering it's just some walls, electric, and drywall. But not this fast! 

First, let's take a look back. Here's a before picture I took before we moved in. It just gives such great perspective. It's hard to believe that the old bathroom and old master closet is now this new guest bedroom. It also expanded into the master bedroom to include that window.

Guest Bedroom Before

Here is the first wall going up. You can see where the bathroom and closet walls were by the breaks in the ceiling. Remember that great surprise in that awesome Brick Wall? If you missed how we discovered that in demo, click over to Guest Room Demo & A Surprise!

First guest room wall

The closet for the guest room is just a standard closet. It will have sliding doors.

Framing Guest Room Closet

Could the lighting be any cooler? We are sitting on our bed from this view. It's a nice size guest room and we still have plenty of room in our master bedroom.

Guest room framed

Here's a view from the brick wall.

Guest room view from brick wall

From this view, you can see the master bathroom doorway, just to give you some perspective.

Guest room framing

None of this could happen without this guy! We just celebrated 34 years married! 


Electric is finished! Now it's time for some drywall. 😍

Time for some drywall

Because we need to finish the walls on that side of the room, we decided to put off all of the mudding, sanding and painting in the guest room. We moved our 'closet' into the guest room and started configuring the master closet. I'm so excited about this!!

Figuring master closet

Framing the master closet. So awesome! 

Framing the master closet

The back of the guest room closet is now complete, so I can finish drywalling that.

Back of guest room closet framed

Finishing up the drywall.

Finished Drywall

That went quick, right?! Now, on to the master closet. 👍


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