Tackling The Home Office

In the last couple of years, Hubby and I have discovered how much we LOVE our new light and bright style.  Well, the home office was definitely needing some of that style....

I finally finished painting the office

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That photo above, is me celebrating 🎉🎉🎉 that I FINALLY FINISHED painting the office!! In my infamous painting clothes! (Definitely not winning fashion points in that outfit!) 😜

But first, let's back it up for a minute and let me show you what we we've dealing with. Then, we'll talk about how we've been...

Tackling The Home Office!

There was too much furniture, and too much darkness! We ended up donating the hutch to a friend. The aquarium is now in our living room. (Hubby is sooo happy about that!!)

The bench is in the entry area.  The desk and beat up chair is now downstairs in Hubby's tinkering area.

I created this space back in 2012, so it was definitely time for an update! This was one of the first makeover's I did when I started blogging.  You can check out that post here, The Office is Finally Finished.  It's actually quite comical... thank goodness my photography and writing skill have improved since then!

Once the curtains came down, it opened the whole space up!  I didn't realize how much light they blocked.  Whew! Now we have a blank canvas to work with!

We brought up these old storage shelving units to hold all the stuff until we get this baby put back together.

Empty office for makeover

Next week, I plan on sharing an office mood board with you, just to show the direction I'm going in....

For starters, I wanted to shiplap that back wall.  But first a coat of paint to cover the light greenish/blue.  I don't want any color peeking through the shiplap lines.

Painting back wall for shiplap

As soon as that wall was painted,  I started shiplapping!  The best and cheapest way to shiplap is to use underlayment.  I've used it in our Bedroom Makeover, Powder Room Makeover, and our Living Room Makeover!  It's really cheap and easy!

The underlayment comes in a 4'x8' sheet for about $14.  Home Depot will cut it into strips for you.  I cut mine to 5⅞".  Just under 6", that way you will get 8 pretty even boards out of one sheet.

I purchased 2 sheets, and used some scrap that I had left over from the living room.

shiplapping office wall

Did you notice the two electric boxes on the wall?  Well, we are installing two lights right there.  I just cut out the holes, so I could continue shiplapping. 😊

Once the shiplap was finished, I primed the wall, getting ready to paint the entire room.  But before that happened, we wanted to run the wire for the lights and a switch.

Hubby is not an electrician, but he has learned so much over the years, that this was not a hard job for him.  The hardest part was fishing the wire through the walls!  Buts we did it! 👍

Hubby running wires for lights

Now, it's time to paint.  I figured one good coat would be enough....

Uh... no, think again... It took two complete coats, then I ended up doing a third coat on the shiplap wall and the one without windows.  I also had to cut in 4 TIMES around the ceiling!!  I can't stand it when it looks like you didn't cut in enough.  White walls need to be solid, not sheer.

I persevered and got it done!

Glad the painting is done

And did you notice?  The lights are installed!!  We purchased them on Amazon, Industrial Vintage Gooseneck Wall Sconce.  Loving the way they look!

I actually wired them myself!! I saved that process on Instagram in my highlights. 😊

Farmhouse Office Lights

It's coming along!!! 😍😍😍

Tackling The Home Office

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