How To Build A Shiplap Accent Wall

Updated 10.29.2021

How To Build A Shiplap Accent Wall

This is what we are started with... Blah and boring...

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom Before

Our bedroom is massive...  I don't want to say too big, but seriously it almost is. So, we thought to break it up a bit and create a focal point. The shiplap accent wall did exactly that!

Here's the process we went through.  First, of course we measured the width of it.  

Before Shiplap Accent Wall

I wanted the accent wall to incorporate the bedside tables, so that we could install swing arm lamps in the wall. Then we found the center and marked off where all of the studs were. Once that was determined we were ready to go!

The next step was removing the baseboards and installing the furring strips. Furring strips were installed at every stud.

Hubby installing furring strips

Furring strips are basically 1x2's.  They are super cheap and you can buy them in bundles. We used them to give us space behind the shiplap to run wires.

Furring Strips for shiplap

We wanted to install lamps on either side of the bed and also have mood lighting up inside the crown molding. The mood lighting was hubby's idea. I wasn't too keen on the idea at first, but just wait til you see it! I was so wrong, I love it now!!

Next, hubby worked on the electrical. He added 2 lights, an outlet for lights in the crown molding and a switch to easily turn on and off the crown molding lights. Pretty smart, right?! 

Now the fun part!! Shiplap!

Shiplap installation

Our shiplap is made from a 4x8 sheet of underlayment. We purchased it at Home Depot for around $14 each. Lowes also carries underlayment for pretty much the same price, but won't cut it into small strips. 

We had Home Depot cut the underlayment into 6 inch strips. We prefer cutting it ourselves. Our saw blade is sharper and we take our time. They just come out cleaner and nicer. But we were in the middle of winter and it is FREEZING in our garage, so we had Home Depot cut them. I just had to sand the edges a bit more than normal.

I cut the some of the strips in half, so we could stagger the pieces on the wall. Then we just nailed them up with our nail gun. Seriously, the best purchase we've made! Along with our air compressor on wheels!

We used washers as our spacers. We didn't want too wide of a space, because you could see the shadow of the furring strips, so we tried to make it as small as possible.

It worked out perfect. Then we added in a few supports for the crown molding.

How To Build A Shiplap Accent Wall

Next up, install crown molding and add some sort of strip to the sides to cover the ends.

Hubby had another genius idea for the ends. He took a 2x4 and cut it lengthwise. Then cut off the 'curved' part of the 2x4. So, he was left with about a 2 - 1 1/4 x 1 3/4 x 8 pieces. He then cut a very small rectangle out of the center so that he was left with a piece that has a right angle to cover over the edge of shiplap wall. Basically, a corner piece, but measured to fit our corner exactly. 👍

Shiplap accent wall installation

I filled all nail holes and did some caulking along the sides and crown molding. Then a few coats of primer and paint! Voilé!! 🙌

Shiplap Accent Wall Complete

OMG!! I love love love it!!!

The swing arm lamps are sooo cute AND old! We had them in our old house. I just spray painted them to freshen them up and added new shades.

Spray painted swing arm lamps

Swing arm lamps with new shades

Here are all the lights on... The lights inside the crown molding are just Christmas lights we plugged in!

Shiplap Accent Wall w/lights Complete

I know that I wasn't to hip on the idea at first.... but now I LOVE them!

Shiplap Accent Wall w/lights Complete

I actually turn them on when my alarm goes off in the morning. It's a soft and peaceful light to wake up to. 😊

Let's do a quick before and after... 😍

Before Master Bedroom

Shiplap Accent Wall w/lights Complete

It's all done! What a difference!! All the furniture that needed painting in our room is complete. Now, I can start decorating. Decorating really isn't one of my strengths... but I have some ideas I think you all are going to love!!

Here's a 'pin for later' photo.

How To Build A Shiplap Accent Wall

Update! Here's a link to the finished Master Bedroom Makeover!



  1. So there's carpet underlay thats thicker than strip flooring underlay. Do you know the thickness you used on doors pls?

    1. The only underlayment that our stores sell here is 1/4" underlayment. I didn't know there were others.


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