How To Transform Your Bed Frame With Paint

This is not the post I was planning on sharing....

How To Transform Your Bed Frame With Paint

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I was planning on sharing about our shiplap accent wall behind our bed, but realized that I never  took any great 'after' photos.... Ugh! Story of my life! Soooo.... my 'after' photos include this gorgeous bed frame.... So, I'm rolling with it!  The next post will be on the fantastic wall behind my beautiful 'transformed' bed frame. 👍

Before I dive into this post, let me just tell you some fantastic news for me and hubs!!! It's been a tad bit crazy wonderful around here lately!!   If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably already know... Our son moved back to the east coast!!!!  This momma is thrilled beyond thrilled!  That's why posts have been sporadic at best!  We traveled to Illinois, packed up a Uhaul and moved him back. 💖 So many exciting things happening for him right now!

Anywhoobs, back to my beautiful 'new' bed frame!

Ready to get started? We were sooooo ready to change this up.

Bed frame before paint

I know, I know.... some of you are probably thinking... why are you painting that beautiful wood??

Because hubby and I are tired of it and want our bedroom light, bright and refreshing!  We are LOVING our bedroom right now, and that's whats important!  It might not be for everybody, but it's definitely us!

Now do you see that rail at the top of the headboard?  Hubby suggested that I stain it to match the gray tops of the nightstands.  What a terrific idea!!  So, that's what I did.

Bed Rail Stain Stripped

Basically, I used all the same products that I used in transforming my dressers and nightstands.  You can see how beautiful they turned out in my Dresser Makeover

Liquid Sander Deglosser

I used Citristrip to strip the stain from the wood rail.  It can be a pain to work with, but it's basically the only stripper you can use indoors without gassing yourself!

Then I wiped the entire bed frame down with Jasco Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser.  It's a pretty cool product, there is some sort of chemical reaction to the surface which makes the primer and paint adhere better to a glossy surface.

With that done, we are ready for primer

Primed bed frame

Pretty ugly, right?  It usually looks worse before it gets better!

Now, we're getting somewhere....  for the most part I used a 2 inch angled brush to prime and paint.  For the larger areas I used a 4 inch foam roller.  It went pretty quick!  I applied 2 coats of primer then moved on to the paint.

Primed bed frame

I used the same paint for everything.  I mixed the Benjamin Moore color Simply White into Home Depot's Behr Ultra paint in an eggshell finish. Then along the tops of the sides where we might put our feet and the front legs I applied a satin clear coat. I love this one by General Finishes.  It goes on so incredibly easy and smooth!  You never know, I can get pretty crazy with a vacuum and might just bang the crap out of those legs! 😜

So... are you ready for it?  It's GORGEOUS!!!  
Arwen seems pleased.

How To Transform Your Bed Frame With Paint

Just look at it! OMG!  We love it so much!  Our room looks completely different.  Hubby says it feels so relaxing.  Which is the point, right??  

The rail came out perfect.  

Bed Frame Rail Whitewashed

I used the same technique that I used on the dressers and night stands. If you didn't get a chance to check out that post, you can see it here

Basically, I just take a dry brush, dab it in a smidge of water and white paint.  Brush it on the wood and then wipe it off.  It's a very easy and forgiving technique.

Our bedroom is coming together.  I can't wait to start decorating!  Arwen has been a little diva lately wanting to be in all the photoshoots... 😻

How To Transform Your Bed Frame With Paint

Update! Here's a link to our finished Master Bedroom Makeover!


  1. Absolutely perfect! Makes me wanna redo our bedroom, too. Love, love, love how the furniture makeovers came out. I'm making a list of the products you used so I can use the same when we do ours!

    1. Hi Debbie! Thanks so much! I have to say, it's been 4 years, plus a move and the furniture still looks fantastic!


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