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Home Office Mood Board

I want this office to have a light, bright and easy feel.  It's important that I feel relaxed and creative while I'm working in there!!
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This office is going to have a few different styles blended together.... A little modern, a little farmhouse, and a little boho.  Can you pick out the different pieces?

Keeping those looks in mind,  I'm thinking of soft neutrals, nothing too colorful or flashy.  The only real color I want is plants.  Plants offer so much life and coziness to a space, so I plan on adding quite a few!

Over the years, I've noticed that if there is too much busyness going on in a room, I tend to feel a bit claustrophobic.  Not terribly, but it just makes me feel uneasy.  So, this office is going to have a minimal feel as well!  I'm so excited!!! 😊

Why haven't I done mood boards before??  This is so much fun! Let me break down each item, because there are specific reasons why I selected each piece for the office.

Some of the photos are inspiration... and some of them are actual pieces I purchased! I will link up as much as I can!

Let's start with number 1!

1. Farmhouse Gooseneck Sconces in black.

I chose to put these over the desk area.  I wanted to make sure that we had fantastic task lighting!  They needed to stick out from the wall so, the middle of the desk area would be well lit.  I loved the color black and thought it would be a nice contrast to the white shiplap walls.

2. Snake Plant

I have a black thumb. 😩  The only thing I've been able to keep alive is a tiny cactus in my window sill.  From what I've read, snake plants are super duper hardy.... So, I'm going to try a REAL one! Fingers crossed!! 🤞

3. Large Wall Clock

This photo is just an inspiration.  I have a super cool idea, that I hope pans out.  So, this is going to be a DIY project. I'll keep you posted!

4. A Macrame Chandelier

I think this macrame chandelier is sooo beautiful!  Hubby's not too sure about this one.  But I am!  I used to macrame all the time when I was a kid, I loved it!  I'm excited about this project!

5. Wood Wall Art

Doesn't that look neat?  It's basically made out of 1x2 boards.  I can totally make that.  I just need to think of a design.

6. Ladder Shelf

I'm not sure if this is going to work in the space I had planned.  I hope it does.  I have a bunch of faux plants to put on it and I need a place to store some things.... This will also be another DIY project. 😊

7. Large Rug

I just love this rug!  It's actually already here!  I purchased this one from Overstock.com.

8. Office Chair

This took some time to find.  Hubby and I were a little picky on what we wanted.  Hubby wanted arms that had soft padding.  I wanted a 'furniture' style look.  We both also wanted height adjustment, tilt and casters.  This chair ticked off all the boxes.

9. Alex Drawer Units

These units are from IKEA.  I wanted 2 of them for each end of the desk.  I liked that they had plenty of drawers including one large one for files.  It's going to be so nice having everything handy.

10. Wood Desk Top

This just completes the whole look.  I knew I could make it long enough for both of us to sit comfortably at the desk, which was one of the main reasons in redoing the office.  Mike and I like to work in there together.  This will give us plenty of room! Just another DIY project! 😁 (Which is already done and I'll be sharing soon!! ❤️)

I'm so happy with how things are turning out!  If you follow me on Instagram, you'll almost always get a heads up.  I love sharing all the projects on Instastories. 👍


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