New Feature Coming - Home & Decor Encore

Home And Decor Encore

I thought I'd give you a little heads up about a new Friday feature... I'm really excited about this new adventure!  We are calling it....

Home & Decor Encore

I'm teaming up with some fantastic bloggers to share some posts from our blog archives.  We all have been blogging for years and there is so much content that you all haven't seen yet, so we are cleaning up these posts to make them even better and more current for today's readers.

There are so many great gems hidden in our archives, and we want to share them with you all.  So, every Friday, you can look forward to some 'new to you' ideas coming your way!

Let me introduce you to these amazing ladies that will be sharing each week!  You're going to love them!

To visit each of these ladies, just click on their name and blog.

Doreen - Hymns And Verses

Doreen - Hymns & Verses Kitchen

Doreen just finished remodeling her kitchen, and it is gorgeous!  She is so talented and has incredible style! She also offers beautiful printables on her blog! I met Doreen years ago at a blogging conference in Georgia.  We have recently reconnected and enjoy sharing our blogging adventures with each other.

Cristina - Remodelacasa

Cristina - Remodelacasa Living room

Cristina knows her stuff, when it comes to building!  She built those built-ins!!  I mean this girl has skills!! She completely renovated her living room.  It looks gorgeous! She amazes me with her decor style!  You are definitely going to enjoy what she shares each week.

Laura - Duke Manor Farm

Laura - Duke Manor Farm Shoe Cabinets

Laura, lives on a farm in Georgia, and shares so many fun things from the farm.  Here are some shoe cabinets she built with sliding doors! Genius!  I just love the style and functionality!  I can't wait to see what Laura will be sharing each week.

Stay tuned!  Our new feature will start tomorrow!  So excited!


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