February 29, 2012

Spring is in the air!! {Pizza Tray to Spring Tray}

I don’t know about you, but I am sooo ready for spring!  
It just feels like it should be here.  I know, officially, we have 21 more days, 
but the weather has been so wishy washy.  It’s like it can’t make up its mind. 
One day, cold and breezy
then the next day the sun is shining and it’s near 60 degrees!
 I honestly saw daffodils blooming in someone’s yard today!!  No fair!

Well, I’ve got spring fever….
I know I’m supposed to be working on the office and I am, truly! 
My mind is thinking up all kinds of wonderful things!!  That’s working on it, right?? 
I have proof!  Here are some phone pics of some fabric I’m considering for the office
(They aren't the greatest pics)… 
Oh, I should mention they are for curtains....
Do you have any opinions??

I have my favorites. 
But first, I just have to do some springy kind of crafts.

I was in the Dollar Tree the other day and came across this….

I thought, hmmm, I can do something with this!  It’s only a DOLLAR!!
I’m thinking of a tray….  I guess, I have a thing for trays right now, weird, huh….
Oh well.  So, I primed it, then spray painted it with heirloom white… Did I sand?? No!  
It'll be fine!

It's getting there….

A couple of weeks ago I got this VERY cool Martha Stewart stencil at
Michael’s using my 50% coupon! Oh Yeah! 
It gave me sooo many ideas rolling around in my head,
I felt like I was spinning with glee! 
I had to sit down before I got dizzy….  Anyway….

I got out my box of acrylic paints, mixed a few here and there and WA LA!! 

So pretty!  And isn't that little bird adorable?  
So, much fun!  Right now I just have it propped up on my mantel. 
But, I could use it for so many other things.  I’m thinking up a spring display for my entry table. 
Maybe I’ll work on some other spring crafts tonight!
Lori ~
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Lori -thestonybrookhouse
Lori -thestonybrookhouse

I have been blogging for about 4 years and I enjoy sharing all the things that go on here at The Stonybrook House. From building to decorating, crafting and cooking, and so much more. I enjoy gardening and a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly I love The Lord Jesus my Savior and my wonderful hubby of 28 years!