Simple Skinny Iced Coffee

Skinny Iced Coffee
Who's ready for summer? Me!! I am! 🙋

What is one of my favorite summer drink? Iced Coffee.... yummmm.  What's perfect about this iced coffee?  It's only 30 calories.

This iced coffee recipe is also one of the easiest ones to make.  It's only a few ingredients and delicious!

To see the full recipe, click over to Skinny Iced Coffee ~ My Newest Coffee Addiction.

I also have a wonderful Super Skinny Whipped Coffee, that is to die for!

pouring milk into iced coffee

Happy Friday! This week for Home & Decor Encore, we thought it would be fun to bring back some of our posts with the theme "Summer in the Kitchen"!

That's why I brought out my refreshing, Skinny Iced Coffee, from 2014!

Thank you, Doreen, for getting this all together!

Home & Decor Encore Summer in the Kitchen


Skinny Iced Coffee


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