3 Easy Steps For Lush Flower Planters

Time is flying... we are more than halfway into spring and summer will be here before you know it!  I couldn't wait to get some flowers planted this year!

3 Easy Steps For Lush Flower Planters

Today, I'm going to share with you 3 easy steps to have lush flower planters.

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Easy Lush Flower Planters

They may not look like much the day you plant, but give them a couple of weeks and you will see the pots overflowing with beauty! Just remember to water them as needed.

I plan to take photos throughout this season and update this post with the results. 👍

Step 1:  Thriller

The thriller is the main attraction.  It should be flower that takes center stage.  The trick is to find a plant or flower that stands taller than the rest.  I've used coleus in the past, but this year I chose a new type of impatient that tolerates sun and heat.  It's called a SunPatien.

SunPatien flower

This will grow 18-34" tall. Perfect!  I usually place my planters against a wall, so this will be in the back of my planter.

Step 2: Filler

A filler basically does what it says.... fills in the the middle area.  It doesn't stand as tall as the thriller.

Calibrachoa is a beautiful little 'mini petunia' looking flower, that is just gorgeous and comes in so many colors!  It's height is between 6-12".

Calibrachoa flower

This year, I am adding two fillers.  I chose a verbena, which also grows 6-12" tall.

verbena flower

Step 3: Spiller

A spiller, is something that spills over the edge of the planter.  The calibrachoa will spill a bit, but I just love sweet potato vine.  The green is just so lush. 😍 I have two varieties this year, you can see them in the next photo.

organizing flowers in planter

I try to arrange the flowers in their pots before I plant them.  I also usually do two mirror matching planters.  I just like the symmetry, I guess. 😊

It's also important to use quality soil.  I use Miracle Grow and/or Vigoro.

I cannot wait to see these beauties grow!

Flower Planters

I also did 2 other planters, a little different and a little bit the same.

Thriller: Margarite Daisy

Margarite Daisy flower

Filler: Diamond Frost Euphorbia ( I just love this one!)

 Diamond Frost Euphorbia

Filler: Calibrachoa

Calibrachoa flower

And the same spiller: Sweet Potato Vine

Urn Planter with flowers

3 Easy Steps For Lush Flower Planters


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