Easy Chalkboard Accent Wall

Easy Chalkboard Accent Wall

I just finished making over my chalkboard wall. It looks sooo good, right?

I first painted this wall, back in 2013.  It was ready for a refresh!  I had so much fun redoing this wall.  This is what it's looked like for 6 years.... I had a hard time erasing my son's kitty drawing and the scribbles from my great niece...

Before Chalkboard wall

It's super easy to add a chalkboard wall to your home!  I love ours even after all these years!  To see the start to finish process click on over to, Chalkboard Accent Wall.

Now it looks so much more modern and up to date.

Can I just say, that I love what this team has pushed me to do!  I've been wanting to go over and refresh some of my older content and bring it up to date. 

The Home & Decor Encore team has been blogging for several years, and each week we share something updated and refreshed from our archives for all of you to see and visit.

It's really a great opportunity for you to see some new to you projects!

And a huge thank you to Doreen, for getting this all organized each week!






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