December 28, 2013

Chalkboard Accent Wall

Did you all have a Merry Christmas?

We did! It has been wonderful having my son here for a week! So sad he is leaving tomorrow...I'll miss that guy.

While he and Hubby are killin' it playing Xbox...
I decided to do a little project. :D
DIY Chalkboard Verse
I have this wall that's at an angle in the kitchen and decided it would be an excellent accent wall.

So, I jumped in with both feet, grabbed my 10 yr old can of chalkboard paint from the basement and started painting!
Painting Chalkboard Wall
Once I got started, I was determined to finish the whole project!
Painting Chalkboard Wall

Still Painting the Chalkboard Wall

My daughter, is playing photographer and is a bit snappy happy :P 
No painters tape
No taping, no drop cloth... That's just how I roll. I didn't even put on painting clothes. Thank goodness, I'm a pretty neat painter!

I painted 2 coats without any issues. Next the wall needs to be "chalked". 

This allows the writing to be easily erased and you won't have words and such permanently on the wall.
Chalking the wall

You can tell I lost my good lighting! And yes... one day I will remove every single boob light in my home!! (And I did, well sorta! Check it out here)

Next I "rubbed in" the chalk with my hand and just wiped the wall down with a dry towel. The chalking, rubbing and wiping makes a nice little mess on the floor...
Chalk All Rubbed In

I vacuumed up the mess and was ready to start on the scripture verse.

I've always wanted to put scripture on the walls of my home. 
Scripture verse for chalkboard wall
I chose this one for now... I thought it would be a good one for our New Year's Eve Party.

I made this on PicMonkey and printed it up. Then I slid it into a sheet protector and traced the words. I explained this in a bit more detail in my DIY Overhead Light Projector post.

Have you ever made your own DIY Projector? It's soooo EASY! Check it out! 
DIY Overhead Light Projector.
DIY Overhead Light Projector
I rigged up this baby! I know, I know... The skills are incredible! :P

Board, books, bungee and a hammer. But LOOK!!
DIY Overhead Light Projector
Can you say A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!
Chalkboard Wall Verse

Wow! I see sooo many possibilities right now!! This turned out perfect!


Later on my sweet daughter is going to add some art to dress it up.
Chalkboard Accent Wall with scripture verse

Oh Magnify the Lord with me Let us exalt HIS name together!

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