Living Room Rearranged {So Much Better!}

It snowed this last weekend and I never dreamed that a transformation was about to happen....

And it has nothing to do with a Christmas project. Imagine that?

It was pretty icy on Sunday morning, so church was cancelled. When that happens we usually gather in our living room and have some devotions together. And often during those times we will head down a few rabbit trails....

For some reason, I can't remember why I brought up our couch, but I did. I explained how I was concerned about the one recliner that is always used. It's starting to show it's age. That's the one... See the arrow?

Poor old couch chair

That poor chair. Everybody sits there. It's the best seat in the house for TV, gaming, fireplace, etc...
Anyway, my sweet daughter, suggested rearranging the living room. 

What? I've had it this way for 4 years!  

This is the best way. It's a long narrow room. Well... was I wrong! It has NOT been the best way!
See the old arrangement?

Old arrangement

Yes, this is the best picture I could find. This was last Christmas morning. I hid their faces, you know... morning hair and all.

But this is how we've always had our living room. Its a big sectional. We had it in the basement of our previous home.

It's so comfy! Our family loves lounging on it. From the back, I've put the leopard chairs or the big chunky chairs

Big chairs

We have such a big open space it's nice to have these chairs to sit in.

Baby girl suggested we just make one long couch.


"Yeah, Mom, just take out the corner part. We can do that, Dad, right?" Yep! Each part is separate and can be taken apart.

I still can't believe what a difference it made! W.O.W!!

New Open Furniture Arrangement

OMG!! What a difference! It's so open! It's so different!

I L.O.V.E. it!!

Then we swapped out the coffee table for one that was in the den. The old glass one was always in the way. You couldn't open up both recliners without hitting it.

This way, we can open up both recliners and have plenty of room and the coffee table doesn't interfere.

New Open Furniture Arrangement

Now, both recliners on the ends are the perfect seat. Are you as amazed as I am at the difference?

Living Room Arrangement Before and After

Now maybe that poor recliner will get some rest.

And where is the corner piece... well, we just tucked that upstairs in our room....for now...

6 days til Christmas! I'm heading out shopping with my daughter = Fun!!


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