New Ritva IKEA Curtains

Hi there! I'm going to share with you my new Ritva IKEA Curtains.
Perfect Pinch Pleat Curtains
Seriously, I love them! 💕

But first we need to take a trip down memory lane...
This is sometime in 2013, before I rearranged the living room. You can see that we had the corner part of the sectional included. It was also before the new paint job and all. 
Oh my...😵
Old Curtains

They look so awful! They hung so awful! Those wrinkles... Blech! That was also before I refinished the dining table and hubby and I added new blinds.

Here is living room at Christmas 2013, only 3 1/2 years ago. Here you can see we removed the corner piece of the sectional. I blogged all about it, because it was such a drastic change to the space. Wow. Everything is so dark... kinda dreary and sad.
Dark Curtains

I am sooo glad we came out of the dark ages! Now this is 2014. New paint colors, things are getting brighter. Yay! Isn't it amazing what a few changes can make?

Here's another one from 2014. This was before I redid the IKEA Bestå Center and new shelves on the wall.

So... NOW... Let's look at what the new curtains do for the living room!
New Curtains

Omg! I love this. I thought that the living room looked fine without curtains, but now that they are up. What a difference! To me the room feels more 'put together', more homey and finished. Even though I am far from finished.... The list is long.

Once I got rid of the dark curtains and put up the new blinds, which was another eye opening transformation. Then we painted the dining and living room areas. These curtains have been up since then.
Old Curtains

They were definitely an improvement, but I just love these new ones. What a drastic change. They look perfect!
New Ritva curtains

These Ritva curtains are so nice. The fabric has a quality texture and thickness to it. They hang perfectly. Not a bad deal for $24.99 a pair. Did you hear me for a PAIR! 😍

The new curtains are 98 inches long and look so much better hung up higher on the wall. We raised all of the curtain rods about 6 inches. 

Ritva curtains come ready to hang several ways. They can be hung like tab curtains, or you can add curtain hooks to them, or clip them with rings. I ended up pinch pleating them and adding rings. I plan on sharing that process with you also. 

Just look at the beauty here! Thank goodness you can't see the layers of dust! 😉
New Ritva Curtains

So much better!
If you want to see how I pinch pleated the curtains and how I added the must needed curtain return check out this post!
Perfect Pinch Pleated Curtains & How To Make A Curtain Return



  1. I love the new curtains, they look great! That cinches it....I am going to have to make a trip to IKEA real soon!

    1. Thanks, Christine! I love that store... I only wish there was one closer!


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