Casual vs. Formal Curtains

Casual vs. Formal Curtains

Since moving to The Little Brick House, I've noticed that our style has changed slightly. Not a lot, but slightly. I feel more casual in this space.

At the stonybrook house, I pinch pleated Ritva curtains from IKEA.  I did a whole step by step post on the process.  How To Pinch Pleat Curtains

Perfect Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains are beautiful! I just don't feel like they fit here.

I have this bow window that allows so much wonderful light in during the day.  Although at night I feel a bit on display.  Our house sits very close to the street, so much different than the stonybrook house. 

At first, I tried making shades for each window.

Making shades for bow windows

Which wasn't a bad idea... I just quickly realized that it was going to block a quarter of my view and I definitely didn't like that.

Shade blocking view

Nope, I like a full open view. So, I trashed that idea.

My next option was to put up a curtain.  Then I remembered I had a super long curtain rod from the dining room in our old house.

Super long curtain rod

It worked perfectly!!! Rod and curtains installed!

I installed the curtain rod & curtains

Do you see them puddling on the ground?  That would be fine for a more formal home, but not here.  After they were up for a few days, they just didn't feel right.  That's when I realized the pinch pleats were too formal.

I was thinking about how to change them.... I had rings with little clips... Yes! If I sewed them in, I could take out pleats. 

Sewing pinch pleats

So after I took out all the pinch pleats, I flipped the curtain upside down, folded over 6", clip and voilé! It was perfect!! What? I can't believe it worked! I love it!

Cafe style curtains

All that needs to be done now is to steam out the pleats at the bottom.  

I love how the curtains open fully to reveal the entire bow window.  It's going to look so great once we redo the trim around the window and I paint the windows white!

Casual Curtains Finished

A few tips when hanging curtains to make your windows look larger.

  1. Buy curtains that will be long enough to hit the floor. 
  2. Hang the curtain rod as high as you can.
  3. Hang curtains so that when open, your entire window shows.

What's your style? We're definitely going casual around here.



  1. Love your curtains. What a great idea! Did you make the little table by your sofa (picture with computer on the sofa)? I need something like that in our cabin-on-wheels (trailer). Your photo gave me a great idea - have hubby make one that perfectly fits my space! You are such an inspiration and blessing to me!

  2. Hi Adrienne! Thanks so much! And Yes, I did! We made 2 of them. I'll send you the link. Thank you for your encouragement! Means more than you know. :)

  3. Kudos on this fantastic post! Your insights into the world of curtains are invaluable. I especially appreciate your tips on customization and personalization – it's given me a whole new perspective on how curtains can truly elevate a space. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  4. I love this article on casual vs formal curtains! It's so helpful to understand the differences between the two styles and how they can impact the overall look of a room. I personally prefer casual curtains for a relaxed and cozy vibe, but it's great to know how to incorporate formal curtains for a more elegant and sophisticated feel when needed. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I love to hear what my readers like!


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