Our Janky Jacuzzi Shower


 Credit to Michelle Dirkse

This is my dream shower.... I had to start with this beautiful photo. Come on, a girl can dream, right? What we are living with right now is no where near this! One day.... one day!

But our Janky Jacuzzi Shower, is sooooo much better than this...😣 I'm formally naming this, 'The Ick Shower'!

The Ick Shower

We both knew we were going to have to do something.  I could not continue, for months on end, to shower in that ickness! Uh, no way, no how!  I scrubbed that baby down and it still looked icky.

Let's just take a moment to inspect this...

The Ick Shower Head

Moving on! So, in this 1960 fixer upper, there were 2 bathing options.

'The Ick Shower' or 'The Jacuzzi Tub'

I'm not a tub person and neither is Hubs, especially not for every day. Then and idea struck!

Let's turn the jacuzzi tub into a shower! I knew there had to be a way to do it.  At first, we looked at converting the spout to a hand held shower attachment spout.  That didn't work out, a jacuzzi tub spout is not the same as a regular tub spout. Bummer... that would have been the easy way.

Our next option was to try and see if we could take the tub spout off and jimmy rig something.  

Inspecting jacuzzi tub spout

After some inspecting, Hubby figured out how to take the spout off.  

Jacuzzi tub spout off

We weren't sure what we were doing.... we're just winging it here! 

The thought process was... that it was a simple threaded pipe that we can add anything to.  It needed to be long enough to drain into the tub and have a tee fitting pipe that we could add a hand held shower wand to.  Then we could mount the wand on the wall, like a shower.  Sounds pretty good, right?👍

So, off to Lowes we went. We thought we'd make it look a little industrial since there wasn't anyway we were going to be making this pretty!

Attached Tee fitting to pipe

We attached a metal tee fitting.

shower faucet parts

Here are all the parts Hubby is putting together.  It worked out really well! We extended the spigot to drain into the tub.

Extending spigot and adding valve

Then we attached a valve to turn the shower off and on.

Shower faucet put together

Then we attached a hand held shower wand and we were in business! It might not be pretty... but it works!!! Now we have a huge shower!!

Janky Jacuzzi Shower

Hubby put some pipe fittings together to create a wand holder so we can use it like a regular shower.

Shower Wand Holder

I am so happy with this right now!  No, it's not my dream shower, but I'll take this ANY DAY over 'The Ick Shower'!

Jacuzzi Shower Finished (for now)

Lastly, we added a pipe shower curtain rod. We had to keep with the same theme.... plus there weren't any shower curtain rods long enough to span this large jacuzzi tub.

We also added more shower curtain to the walls. They were getting wet and we didn't want to deal with that.

One day I'll have my dream shower, but for now I'm going to be very thankful for my janky jacuzzi shower. 

Dream Shower



  1. Oh my! You sure have signed on for lots of adventures! Sometimes I think I want a different house just because I don't want to have to redo projects again, that I already did once-- that will (according to one of the laws of science) one day need redoing. I know when you are finished with this house it will look amazing.

    1. Hi Liberty! Yes, we are in store for a lot of work! It's exactly where God wants us right now.  That's the most important thing!  We just can't wait to get started!


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