Powder Room Reno ~ {Inspiration}

I thought, I'd share our some of our inspiration for the powder room.
Powder Room Before
This is a tiny bathroom on the first floor, and yes, it is very builder basic. It's been like this for 4 years! Time for a change!

Hubs and I have spent a lot of time talking about this little room. Well, we've been talking a lot about style and feel for our whole home.

We've always been the dark, earth tones, traditional kind. Not that we didn't go through the hideous country blue and mauve of the 90's. Ack!  Remember that? That style should NEVER come back!!

So, now we are heading in a totally different direction and we are both LOVING it!!

Being that this powder room, is right off the kitchen, we want it to kind of flow with our "new" plans in there as well.

In one of the design workshops I took at a blogging conference, I learned about picking three words that describe how you want the space to feel. That has really helped us.

Our three words are:
Coastal (Slightly coastal, we both don't want it to feel like a beach house.)

Here are a few more words I'm going to throw in:

So, when we are looking at paint chips, fabric, or accessories those top three words should be very present. Let me show you what I mean.

Here are some of our inspiration photos.
You can also check my Pinterest Board on Bathrooms.
Fresh Bathroom
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the source for this bathroom.  

This bathroom fits all three words. I just love the colors, to me they are very calming. The white bead board is clean and fresh. The color also reminds me of the coast, but so do the accessories, like the lighthouse and shell on the shelf.

Wow! I just love that stencil and the colors!
Calming and fresh bathroom
Now, this room doesn't look like it would fit for all three words, but it's really depends on your own interpretation. This is how I would look at it... The colors white and blue are calming. The stencil is awesome and fresh! And the mirror is gorgeous and the detail in kinda reminds me of waves.

It's how you interpret it....

This bathroom just relaxes me and feels so fresh.
Fresh and relaxing bathroom
 For me it doesn't really fit all three words.

But this one...the bead board, the stripes, the color....Love it all!!
Fresh, calming, coastal bathroom
This one does it for me (and hubs). It definitely has all three words screaming at me! If you can't find the coastal... it's in the lighting and the nautical stripes. 

Here are a few other inspiration ideas, I just adore!
Tiled mirror
Oh, my!  This mirror! I want this!!
Sea shell art
This shell art is so simple and sweet.

How about this one?
Sea shell specimen art

We have picked colors for the bathroom and we will be using some of them in the kitchen as well.

Hopefully, this won't take forever...

I don't know why, but for some reason, none of the projects I want to do seem like that much work in my head. But in reality.... it's obvious that it takes WAY more work than I ever thought or imagined. 

The garage... that's going to take awhile....The shed... that might actually get finished! The powder room... it is definitely in the works!!

I'm hoping for some updates to show you this week. Fingers crossed! Plus, you know it's almost time to get the fall decor out... 

Have you started thinking about fall?
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