Cheap Chevron Office Chair - From Ugly to Amazing!

Here's another awesome transformation we did for my daughter's college apartment.
DIY Chevron Office Chair
If you missed the chevron headboard, you can check it out HERE. 

We started out with this Cheap UGLY Craigslist find for $10!
Ugly Craiglist's chair
Do you see that lovely fabric on my daughter's lap? Nice right?

Of course, we jumped right in before we got a decent before photo.... :/ Oh well.

You can see a bit more of it here...before we really got started, my daughter's boyfriend helped out by getting the wheels to roll nice and smooth.
Fixing stubborn wheels on the ugly office chair
My daughter picked out the fabric which really wasn't that much. I think we got almost 2 yards, and I have a bunch left over, so it probably cost us about $5.

She laid out the fabric to get a feel for how it would look.
Chevron Fabric for office chair
Love it!  What is it about chevron? Who doesn't love it? The next process was E-A-S-Y!

Tacky glue.
Attaching fabric with tacky glue
Yep, seriously easy.... We used tacky glue because it is flexible. It's definitely not going to be washed, so it should be fine.

We glued the back support and the seat, pretty much all the way to the edges. Then we stuffed it in the edges with a putty knife. It worked perfectly!! (sorry no pics of that part) :(
DIY Chevron Office Chair
But isn't it cool??!!

Here's an even better picture in her apartment! We even covered the lamp shade in the chevron fabric.

Super easy.... craft spray adhesive and a glue gun.
DIY Chevron Office Chair & Lamp
Now, she just needs a picture in that frame!
All set for studying and homework! Whew! Only a few more projects!

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