Fresh Homemade Salsa

Updated 6.12.20

The best recipe is one that you are always asked for, right?  This one is a favorite!  It's super easy to make and if you have a prolific garden full of tomatoes, you'll definitely enjoy this too!

Fresh Homemade Salsa

We LOVE salsa... I literally found myself eating this by the spoonful the other day!  It's that good!  Plus, we love Mexican food!  Seriously, my husband could eat it every day, no problem!

This salsa is so easy to whip up, I don't know why I don't make it more often!


6-8 tomatoes - diced
1-2 jalapeños -diced (depending on how hot you like it)
1 small onion- diced
1 clove garlic - minced
1 handful of cilantro - then chopped
1 T. lemon or lime juice
2 T. maple syrup
Chili powder - to taste
Cumin - to taste
Garlic salt - to taste
Salt - to taste
Pepper - to taste

Mix and eat!

Most of the time, I just dump all of the ingredients into a food processor and press a button and... Done!

Now, I know that the spices are to taste... I just give each spice a good couple of shakes.  Then, I usually ask hubby to be the guinea pig to see if it needs a little more of this or that.  It's really your own preference.  We like LOTS of cilantro, but some might not care for it.  It's very easy to adjust to however you like salsa.

Just taste to see what you might want more of.  I mean it,  you can't ruin this!

I've also used canned jalapeños.  I have a great post on how to can them.  Again, super easy!!

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