The Last of Apartment Projects...

I wanted to finish up with all of the projects my daughter did for her college apartment. I already showed you her Headboard Project.
DIY Chevron Headboard

DIY Chevron Chair & Matching Lamp
If you missed those you can click on the pictures or the link to check them out.

Next she made some "art" for the apartment. I just love the chalkboards she made. My daughter is so creative! 

She asked me if we had any sort of wood that she could make a chalkboard with. I figured we had to have something around, I kinda save "everything (and no, I'm not a hoarder).

So, we started looking around. Then we spotted it! I had this old entertainment center that I took the doors off. One of those doors would be perfect!

She took off the hardware and got to work. All she had to do was tape it off and paint the center of it.
Painting Chalkboard Door
I had a can of chalkboard paint, (that was about 15 years old... but who's counting??) that went on beautifully!

She also painted a smaller piece of mdf board we had lying around. Gotta love that hairdo! :)

Oh!  I have to share this....While we were painting in the garage, Dad came home from work and we were just chatting, and baby girl goes and sits on Dad's motorcycle...
Baby girl on Dad's motorcycle
Talking about her getting one... hahahaha! So, Dad says wanna go on a ride? She said, "YES!"

For some reason, Dad's never taken her before, I guess she's been driving about as long as he's had it, so there wasn't any reason to.

She puts on my helmet and they go around the block.
1st ride on a motorcycle
So cute!! She was a bit scared. I think Dad got up to a whopping 30mph! Whoa! But she enjoyed herself!

Okay, back to chalkboards...After they dried, she chalked them down and rubbed it in.
Chalking the chalkboard

Rubbing in the chalk on the chalkboard
Pretty easy... I texted her this morning and asked her to take some pics of them hanging up.
Apt. living room with chalkboard decor
 Here's her living room. How about a close up?
Chalkboard Decor
She's my little artist!

Don't you all remember starting out? Trying to find free stuff for your first apartment? Mike and I were soooo poor everything we had someone had given to us and we were so thankful. God always provides.

Here's the other little chalkboard they have near the kitchen.
Mini chalkboard Wall Decor
They are using it for reminders... It looks like rent is due soon. :)

There are two more little things she did for the apartment. Just painting some items we already had, she just wanted to make them her own.

This is just a little shelf for her room.
Little shelf for her room
The white and gray match her headboard and office chair.

Then some tables for the living room.
Spray painting IKEA tables
These Ikea Lack tables were originally red, she painted one black and one light blue. They turned out nice.

Now that baby girl's been bit by the DIY bug, I'm sure she'll be working on more projects for her apartment.

Maybe on break when homework and studying aren't the priority. I'm hoping to take some more pictures of her apartment when we head down there in a couple of weeks.

Hope you've enjoyed this little series.
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