Clearing The Garage For Painting

Seriously! I must have gone up and down stairs a hundred times! That was the only way our garage was going to go from this...
Workbench mess

To this...

Cleaned Garage Window Area

We literally moved our garage to the basement!

So, instead of doing the recap of the awesome/amazing blogging conference I just went to, I've been carrying "our junk" up and down stairs.  When we are done with our garage, this "junk" will be so super organized, it is going to amaze you!!

In case you truly cannot see the work we've done, I'm going to share a few more photos.  That way you'll see the whole scope of what was involved.  :)
I'm dripping with sarcasm here, ha! It's pretty obvious, how bad it was. Ugh!!

Besides, before and afters are so much fun!
Here's a few before's of the back wall...
More Garage Mess

More Garage Mess

And Ta Da!!!
Cleaned Up Back Wall


I labeled where we are thinking of putting some cabinets, which will be hubby's work area.  That makeshift workbench is going to be torn apart.

I cleaned this area up too!
Mess between garage doors

That wall going into the house is also cleared. I was thinking of putting cabinets on that wall, but I think I like it cleared for a walking path to the door.
Garage Walkway into house

This is so exciting!
Hubs and I were talking about how once the garage is completed it will make the rest of the projects we want to do for the house so much easier!
It's so true, I'm already feeling calmer seeing it all cleared out.
Mostly cleared left side of the garage

Garage cleared on the right side

We are ready to start mudding next.
Then the joyful time of sanding, NOT!  I can't wait til that part is complete! Painting I don't mind. 
So, I'll be sharing the progress as we go.
I've got sooo many projects in the works, it's a little overwhelming.... But, I will be vigilant and I will finish them! 
For now, I'm going to give my quads a break.  :)
Talk to you soon!!
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