The Joy of Painting Perfect Stripes

Painting Perfect Stripes
Seriously! If I had known how wonderful it would feel when I pulled the tape off the walls to see those glorious perfect stripes, I would have never waited this long to paint stripes in my home.

Of course...I would have never been able to do this without my wonderful hubby.
Hubby Taping Stripes
If you look at the picture carefully, you can see the whitish stripes on the wall. The walls still had the cheap contractor paint on them and I wanted the stripes to have the same finish. So, I had the "white" paint tinted to match the color of the walls and trim, but in a eggshell finish.  

So, I measured and painted the "white" stripe. Then I re-measured for the color stripe. I needed hubs to tape off the top couple of stripes. It sure is handy to have a 6'4" hubby that can reach the tall stuff. :)
Stripes all taped for paint

Once it was all taped...
Stripes all taped for paint
I went back over the edges with the white.

Ready for some color??
Oh yeah!

Remember this inspiration photo? You can check out the inspiration post HERE.
Inspiration for powder room
Hubs and I are totally in love with this!

So, here's our color! We went with Cincinnatian Hotel Abbey from Valspar. What do you think??
Painted Stripes- Cincinnatian Hotel Abbey Valspar
What's weird, is I took this pic with my iPhone and it came out better than my camera. Horrible lighting in the tiny powder room.

As I was taking the tape off, I honestly kept saying...
Pulling tape off stripes
"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This is sooooo cool!" Over and over again. Everytime I saw that perfect line... ahhhh.... joy! 
Painting Perfect Stripes
It was a special moment. I am so thrilled with how the stripes came out!

Have you ever painted stripes? They are sooo rewarding!!!

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