Powder Room Mishap ~ What am I going to do?

I'm back from the beach...It's so relaxing, and when I'm there, I feel like I don't have a care in the world. It's always nice to unwind. But now it's back to reality!

I just had to share this little mishap that happened, while I was painting the stripes in the bathroom.

You can check out those awesome stripes here at

I think the look on my face says it all.
Uh OH! What to do?
Oh No! What am I going to do???

Remember, I had a towel bar there. Hubby and I were talking about not really needing it. 
Bathroom Before Makeover
So, one Sunday afternoon, while hubby was napping, I decide to take it down. I not only took it down, as you can see I basically ripped it out!
Ripped out the anchor and left a hole
Nice, right? The shock was unbelievable! I kept saying to myself, "Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!"

Not a happy camper....When hubby woke up I showed him my handy work. I don't think he was too impressed. We had company coming so, no time to work on it.

The next day, after initial shock wore off I attempt to spackle it.
First patch to spackle hole
Ehhh.... not so good. It was going to take a very large area to make that smooth.

Hubby told me to punch it in and then try spackling it that way. Okay, here goes....

Of course I sanded it some first.
First attempt to spackle hole
Um... it actually went completely through, this doesn't do it justice. Okay...we'll come back to that.

This was the culprit!
The culprit - butterfly anchor
Nasty looking thing. So, I'm looking at this thing because I need to get the other anchor out without ripping a hole in that area too!
The other anchor that needs to be removed
What to do? I'll try punching the anchor into the wall! It will be a much easier hole to patch.

I put the screw back into the hole and started hammering. It started getting loose. That's weird. The front of the anchor started coming out... Ok, keep hammering. 

It worked! The front circle part of the anchor broke off and the rest just went into the wall. 
Easy perfect patch
That's it! A tiny little perfect patch. Nice!

Okay, back to my little mishap....

Talk to hubby on the phone again and he said that he's just going to have to cut it out and replace the drywall when he gets home.
Dry wall cut out to patch hole
Oh... There's a pipe there.... didn't know that.
Whew! At least he didn't cut into it.
Patch in drywall
Nice patch, Honey! Sand, spackle, and sand again and voilĂ©!
Sanded patch and ready to paint
My gosh! You can barely even see it!! We are ready to prime and paint!
No more hole in drywall
All done! You can't really even see where the hole was.

Thanks, Honey!!

Crazy how just a little thing can turn into practically a whole project!

Thanks for reading!

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