How To Freeze Leftover Tomatoes

Update 7.23.21

How To Freeze Leftover Tomatoes

The tomatoes this year were awesome! My garden EXPLODED! 

Seriously, I've been giving tomatoes away at church, neighbors, and even at the bus stop! 

It's been such a blessing to share, but I still have so many leftovers.

I just had a thought... Isn't God's grace and mercy just like that? He gives me so much. I pray that I share His exploding love filled with grace and mercy to everyone. He is so faithful!

Anywhooo... I'm going to show you what I plan on doing with all of those leftover tomatoes. It's so easy, you won't believe it!

Freeze them!

I'm going to add them to soups, chili, sauces, and whatever else I can think of. I might even try a winter salsa with them, just to see if it would work.

First, get your freezer bags out and label them with the date and what they are.

Freezer bags for leftover tomatoes

You have two options... Blanch them or not.

I chose to blanch them, I didn't want the skins on them. 

The next batch I probably won't.

Blanching is SUPER easy to do. Drop each tomato into boiling water until you see the skin crack. Done. Take them out. Then drop them into a sink of cold water.

Blanching Tomatoes

Next, you just slip the skins off and freeze.

You can freeze them whole with or without skins. You can cut them up and freeze them. You can crush them and freeze them.

So many options and so easy to do!

I did cut-up tomatoes and crushed tomatoes.

Crushing them was actually fun. I cut them in half put them in my freezer bag, stuck my clean hand in there and squish, squish, squish! 😆 If you have kids, they would LOVE this!

Now, if kiddos were doing this, you might want to give them a big bowl, then pour the tomatoes into a freezer bag.

How to freeze tomatoes

I told you it was easy! I like to freeze my items flat, they take up less room in the freezer.

I hope you had an abundant garden this year!

Now, you know what to do with all of those leftover tomatoes!

Leftover tomatoes


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