Powder Room Before & After

I'm so happy to finally share the whole thing with you!
Here's the Before....
Powder Room Before
Time for the reveal! Ta Da!!
Powder Room Reveal
It really all came together!!

I just wish my lighting was better in there, the photos don't do it justice.

I don't have time to decorate and style it, right now. And I can't find the right color hand towel, I've been hunting all over town. It will have to wait for later... 

The next couple of weeks are going to be a little nutty for me. We just started our last apartment renovation, and believe me when I say this one is the WORST one!! But it's our last one!! I can't believe we've done 13 apartments in 3 years. Now, not all of them had to be gutted. It's been a long hard road, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel! So, working there will be my priority and I'm going to be subbing as a cashier at the high school for a few weeks. 

Oh, and I'm really pushing to get the garage at least painted before winter. I guess, I'll be a little busy....
But, I'm going to try and squeeze a few things in here and there...

Remember my inspiration?

Here, let me refresh your memory....
Powder Room Inspiration
It all started with those STRIPES!! I am so happy with how mine came out!

You can see how I got those "Perfect Stripes" here.
Painting Perfect Stripes
Next, I took down the towel bar.... that was an experience!

Powder Room Mishap
Ha!! That "oh my gosh!" feeling comes back every time I see that picture.

Then I procrastinated putting up the wallpaper. I finally did it and was soooo happy with how that came out!
Installing Beadboard Wallpaper
You can check out my post Installing Beadboard Wallpaper Here.

Hubby put up a new light fixture.  It took us a while to find it.
Powder room light fixture
We bought the fixture, then picked out the shades separately. I think they reflect the look we were looking for, fresh, coastal and relaxing.

I picked up these cool toilet roll holders at Target. I ended up buying two, one for the toilet paper and one for a towel holder.
Bathroom fixtures
Love, love, love! They are perfect. I really like the towel holder right next to the sink so you don't drip your hands all over.

And lastly the glorious DIY Tiled Mirror.
DIY Tiled Custom Mirror
You can read all about that Here.  I can't get enough of that sparkle! 

The powder room looks so different.
Powder Room Before and After
Wow! Completely different! Almost out of place, because the kitchen definitely needs work. 

All in good time. 

The Powder Room will look even better once decorated. So, there you have it! All done!

2019 Update!! This tiny little powder room was cute, but we did another complete renovation and it looks even better!! Click over to see our Farmhouse Style Powder Room!