Oriental Cauliflower Rice Dish

Well, hello there!!
Yep, been pretty busy here.... When will we not be? Haha! Probaby Never! I'm sure you feel the same way. Isn't everybody busy?
 We made this on the fly tonight, and it came out SOOO GOOD!!  Hubby wanted to post the pic on Facebook, but I said wait, "I might want to do a post"... I saw the disappointment on his face, so I said I'd do it tonight!
This came out unbelievable!!
By the way, this was hubby's idea to make.  
He really likes to cook and think of different concoctions.
I've made the "rice" before, but I usually make Mexican "Rice".  
I'll share that one another time.

In order to make the "rice" you need to grind and 
chop up the fresh cauliflower.
Chopped Cauliflower

I love my mini Cuisinart.
That's the "rice" part of it.
Then we chopped up some cabbage, bell pepper, garlic and 
sauteed them in coconut oil.
Saute Veggies

Then we added water chestnuts and the "rice".
The seasonings were teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, 
Worcestershire and some ground ginger.
Did we measure anything? No. We just kinda add to taste.  
We ran out of teriyaki or I would have added more.

Then we just sauteed and made sure it was heated throughout. 
It was probably around 15-20 min. 
This was WAY better than we thought it would be.  Next time we thought about adding a scrambled egg.  That might be good too, or add some chopped chicken to make it a complete meal.
Oriental Cauliflower Rlce

We had salmon with it, with my special sauce and grilled. 
(I know the pics aren't great... 
just the iphone but is was so good, it had to be shared!)
So delicious!!!

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