Apartment Renovations Begin

It's so rewarding being a landlord! Said no one ever!!! Those memes crack me up. 

So, I've been a little lacking here on the blog. I've been filling in at the high school cafeteria as a cashier. Do I miss working there everyday? No, not really, but it's been nice to see some of my friends. 
I'll be there a little while longer.

Then after work, I've been heading to our lovely apartments and dealing with issues there. If it's not one thing, it's another. Sometimes, an eviction... or a tenant gets locked out. Thank goodness they don't happen often. Usually, it's doing renovations on an apartment.

Anyhow, I thought I'd share a bit of where I've been spending my afternoons.

Apt. 11

This apartment has so much work that needs to be done. It will probably take us into January or February. I'm praying sooner, but the reality is, it always takes longer than you think. But it's the last one we have to do!!

Here's a little tour of the before. Here's the disclaimer....it's going to be rough. First up, the living room.

Apartment living room before

Lots of work needs to be done here. Carpet and padding... obviously, since the flooring is down to the subfloor. You probably can't really see, but the walls are so bad, I had to wash them before we begin spackling and sanding. Then painting, replacing glass in windows, baseboards, etc....

Bedroom number one, not too bad. Again, wash walls, spackle, paint and carpet.

Apartment bedroom 1 before

Same in bedroom number two, except I had the pleasure of removing that awesome border. :)

Bedroom 2 with border

Now here comes the fun part!

Now, doesn't this look like a blast?? I took this pic after hubby took down the amazing throwback to the 70's backsplash and surround. 

Apartment Kitchen Before

It was that lovely yellow color of the counter! The cabinets are pretty filthy. They'll need a deep cleaning and paint. Then new backsplash, counter and sink. The walls need cleaning and paint too, plus a new floor.

That is nothing compared to what is going on in the bathroom right now. Here's a before pic.

Apartment Bathroom Before

I don't think you can get the full grasp of how awful the bathroom was. I think the vinyl is holding up the floor. The toilet rocked from side to side... scary...! The floor was rotted.

Look at those walls! 
Bathroom Plaster Walls

Why? Why would someone think that was the way to go? That plaster is awful!

It'll practically scratch you if you get too close! As you can see the floor is already getting torn up.

Apartment Plaster Walls

We decided just to strip this one down to the studs. Some of the plumbing and wiring will be replaced. Looks like fun, right?!

We will git'er done! So, I'll probably be sharing some of the progress we are making there, since I won't be home to work on projects.  :/  It's okay, this is just a season we are in right now. God is in control and I want to be content with wherever He has me. 

**Update: We finished this apartment, you can see the results, Apartment Renovation Complete.

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