Garden Mess.... Not any more!

Today, I'm going to share with you about my little garden mess. It's definitely not as horrible as it was last year...

Here's a little reminder of that garden failure!
Garden Failure
The only thing that did well, were the jalapeƱos. The grass all around the raised garden beds was a mess. The tomatoes took over, the grass was muddy. I was determined to fix that this year. 

Gosh, it looks awful!

This year the garden is flourishing!!  It's beautiful!
Happy plants
Just look at those tomato plants! This year we decided to keep them trimmed and not let them grow wildly. We've had to trim them several times and they just keep growing!!

I killed all the grass around the planters, because last year it was such a pain to mow.
Killed the grass around the planters
I was thinking of going with the red bricks and pavers, but I really didn't like them at all. I'm not a red fan... I really don't like red mulch and all that.

They were returned.  I figured out something else that I'll be sharing with you another time! (It's so cool!)

So, I laid out the weed paper and Hubs figured out the square footage and how many bags of stone we would need.
Laying down weed paper
Man, it already looks better!
Laying down weed paper
Yeah, never mind the mildew growing on the shed...Ugh!

I love this man!
Hubs hauling stone
He's always so willing to help me on these projects! He carried all those bags...Bless his heart! I may have grabbed one or two. :)
Spreading Stone
The stone looks really red, but it hasn't been rained on. 
Spreading Stone
Now, it might look like we don't have enough stone, and we'll probably have to get a bit more, but I still need to add stepping stones and bricks around the border.

It's just nice that we aren't stepping in mud. The front of the shed really doesn't get much sun and the ground was a bit "slimy". 

We both practically slipped going into the shed. So, this is much safer for us and prettier!
Cute little shed
Don't we have a cute little shed??

I'm still overwhelmed as how well the garden is growing this year!

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