Sewing Table Makeover

I can't wait to show you what I worked on last week!

If you didn't know, my son left the nest last month. Moved to Illinois and started a new career. We are sooo happy and proud of him! Not happy that he left, just happy that he's happy! 

But now.... I have a spare room. His room usually looked like this...

This is a pic from a photo-a-day from quite awhile ago...
My son's messy room
Yep, that was my son...I believe he's keeping his new apartment much cleaner!

Anyway, the reason for this post is because I need his room!  I need to sew!

I lost some weight from being on the Whole30 Cleanse, which you can read about here. It was amazing and I've even done a post on Life after Whole 30 Challenge. 

So, a LOT of my clothes don't fit. I know what a horrible problem to have, right?? But I really don't want to go out and replace my wardrobe. Sure, I've bought a few things, but I know I can fix some of the clothes I have. Especially the ones I really like. 

I've had this top for-e-ver!! But I still really like it!

As you can see, it's way too big. I can fix that! At least I'm going to try!
Need to fix this way too big top
I just got bought this top back in April and I've worn it only once. It's cute, so I'm going to sew it up and take it in.
Too big
So, that's why I need to sew, now I'll explain where this journey took me....

Since we moved here, I've kept my sewing machine in the basement. Well, there's ONE outlet for the entire basement. Seriously, are you kidding me???

Not working for me at all, and the lighting down there is terrible. Solution! Use the newly emptied spare room.

We actually have two spare rooms. One is a guest room, that is totally NOT decorated. It serves the purpose, but as you will quickly see, my house is still pretty builder basic... ugh...
Spare room
Yeah, I know that the purple pillow cases do not match. Oh, well... it's serving a purpose.

Here is the bathroom.
Jack and Jill bathroom
It's a jack and jill bathroom that connects to both rooms.

I actually bought a new shower curtain. I like it. It will give me inspiration, when I get around to decorating that room. It is WAAAAYYYY down on the list!
Spare bathroom
Ok, here we are heading into my son's old room. Are you seeing the gorgeous BORING builder basic decor?! 

My future craft/sewing room! :)
Future craft room
I see potential here!  At least it's all cleaned up!
Future craft room
Look at that storage! Double closets! You can see I'm already collecting a pile of clothes to sew, on the left!

So, I dragged up my sewing table from the basement, then I dragged it into the garage. I decided it did not deserve to be put in a room quite yet. It was pretty ugly and if I'm going to be sitting at it sewing, it needed a face lift!

This is what I started out with...
Sewing Table Before
This thing is pretty old. I have no idea where or when I got it. I've had it forever! So, I got out the sanding block and got to work!

I primed, then painted and bought some pretty new drawer pulls and came up with this little beauty!
Sewing Table After
Well? Much better, right? Now, I'm ready to sew!
Sewing Table After
It's an old piece, so I thought I'd rough up the edges.

Love the drawer pulls, and they lined up perfectly with the pre-existing holes! Yay!
New Drawer Pulls - Sewing Table After
My daughter said that I probably should scuff up the handles, because they look too new. Eh... we'll see.

I'm just lovin the new look! Now, I just need to get to work sewing!!

Thanks for checking in!
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