Sewing Table Makeover

Updated 3.11.22

Sewing Table Makeover

I need to sew!

But before I get started.... this little sewing table desperately needs a little makeover. It's so simple and easy, I questioned why I even needed to post about it. Yet, you all need to see potential in ugly things! I saw what this little table could be!

So, I dragged it up from the basement, and dragged it into the garage. 

This is what I started out with...

Sewing Table Before

This thing is pretty old and pretty plain. I have no idea where or when I got it. I've had it forever! So, I got out the sanding block and got to work! I just gave it a quick little sanding. Then I wiped it down.

A bit of primer and white paint, I had on hand. It looks completely different! Thought I'd get a bit fancy and paint the drawers a light blue.

I purchased some new drawer pulls and came up with this little beauty! Not bad, right?!

Sewing Table After

Sewing Table After

It's an old piece, so I thought I'd rough up the edges.

Love the drawer pulls, and they lined up perfectly with the pre-existing holes! Yay!

Drawer pulls close up

I'm just loving the new look! Now, I just need to get to work sewing!! 

See how easy it is to bring to life something old and ugly! You can do this!


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