Garage And Shed Mess ~ Before

I'm need to clean and organize this mess!
Shed Mess
There is a ton to do in our shed! Stuff to pitch, stuff to sell, stuff to organize. Are you seeing the work involved?
Shed Mess

More Shed Mess
Those doors are kinda creepin me out in this picture... I see eyes....

Anyway, I need this cleaned out because we (Hubs and me) are going to start to work on.....

- - - - -  T H E   G A R A G E  - - - -

We both are so completely fed up with the messes in the garage that we are making it a priority to finish. I'm really hoping we can get the majority of it done very soon. I'm going to let you see our embarrassing mess. We can't seem to find anything in there.

Here we go.... get ready, don't judge me or Hubs... we can be slobs, but you already know that.

Here it comes...
Garage Mess
Okay this is mild... 

We have a gorgeous 3 car garage, that we plan to re-mud, sand and paint. :) Hubby already picked out the paint and bought a 5 gallon bucket of it.

I'm going to take you around the whole thing.
Workbench Mess
Some of Hubs, work area. Of course, I've got things mixed in there, too. We are going to move everything out or to the middle of this empty bay. And It's only empty because we are letting someone use one of our cars.
More Workbench Mess
Moving around.... Lots of mess
Wood Corner Mess
More mess...
Garage Mess
And more...
Garage Mess
A little bit more...
Garage Mess
Garage Mess
And yes, we (Hubs) is kinda a soda nut.

Where did all of this come from??? We even have some stuff stored between the cars... Ugh!!
Mess Between Cars
Now this wall is empty, because we cleared it out before I snapped some pics.
The one clean area
We have so much to do, and I do realize that I'll be doing a lot of it.

But, I also want to start another project... I know, I know...What am I thinking??

Well, we'll see how it goes, but I think I can pull it off. I want to completely do (paint, decorate, etc.) the downstairs powder room. It's builder basic right now, and I didn't take any pics. I will when I get started.

So, we shall see! I have hope and confidence. I'll be working like crazy.
Oh, and I forgot, one more thing! We get to move my daughter into her college apartment!
It's going to be a ride!  Get ready, get set, GO!!

Do you think I'm crazy or can I do it??

**Update: Shed is organized! Garage is finished! And you should check out the Powder Room! :)

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