Clean Your Tank!

This is one of those really RANDOM posts.

Clean your tank? What are you talking about??
Nice Clean Toilet Tank!
Ok, so here is how it went this morning...List of chores to do... Hate doing bathrooms, so let's do them first to get them OVER with!

Trying to figure out why my toilets get so icky so fast? The Jack & Jill toilet always seems yucky. Then for some reason, I decided to lift the tank lid off...
Dirty Toilet Tank
Now, to be honest with you this one is in my daughter's bathroom, as you can see I wasn't too worried about painting behind the toilet.

Because as soon as I saw the Jack & Jill toilet tank, I went and cleaned all of them! Of course, before I thought all of you would like to know this gem of information. So, I didn't get any before pics of that nastiness.
It was WAY worse than this one! Unbelievably GROSS!

Probably because it wasn't used much and the water just sat in the tank.
Dirty Toilet Tank
Am I the only one who NEVER thought of cleaning the tank??? I mean seriously.... Who does this? I guess I do now!

Maybe it matters that we have well water, I don't know. But now I'm hoping the toilets don't get so mucky so fast!
Dirty Toilet Tank
Sorry, to gross you out! I just want you to get a clear idea of what I was dealing with.

Because now they look like this....
Nice Clean Toilet Tank!
I'd say it is a big difference... A HUGE difference!!

So, I would suggest you might want to pull on your cleaning gloves, grab some cleaner and a scrubbie and clean your tank!
Nice Clean Toilet Tank!
Thanks for reading!!

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