Can I Share A Little Secret With You?

I did one of the most frightening and scary things I’ve EVER done! 
At the same time one of the most EXCITING things I’ve done!!  I signed up for the HAVEN Conference in June!  I really did!  I have proof!
Now, there I go again with my mouth hanging wide open!  What is this? 
It must be enthusiasm!!
My stomach was in knots as I clicked “Purchase Ticket”.  I’ve NEVER done anything like this in my life!  I’ve never been to a conference like this.  I’ve never stayed in Atlanta, Georgia.  I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a hotel room by myself….weird, now that I think about it.  Yes!!  I can do this!  I’m excited to do this!!
I’m going to a conference with a bunch of wonderful ladies that have been blogging way longer than I have!  I’ve actually checked out a lot of their blogs. I  feel so out of my league!  I won’t really know ANYONE!  These women have beautiful established blogs that are sooo creative!  I’ve followed many of them for months, and I’ll actually get to meet some of them!  Very cool!!
At the same time, I’m so excited about what I’m doing right now that I don’t really care that I’m going there all on my own.  I want to learn and grow and make this blog the best it can be!
I’m crazy excited!!! Have I said that enough?  It’s only 4 months away! I’ll try not to drone on and on about this for the next 1,2,3,4 months!  I’ll only squeal about it every now and then…. deal?


  1. I think it is absolutely wonderful that you are going! You will love it and everyone will love you!! Enjoy!! Linda

  2. I had never heard about this until I started snooping around your blog! Ack! It sounds wonderful!!
    I'm pretty sure that's the weekend of my bridal shower, which I probs shouldn't miss - but I'll definitely be stalking your blog/tweets to hear all about it... maybe in 2013 :)

    BTW - I'm pretty sure I just read your entire blog in one sitting. Stalker much? ;)

  3. Lori, I'm so excited for you! I hope you have a wonderful time! Wish I could join you. Be blessed!

    1. Hi Lisa! I cannot wait!! I wish you were going to! I would love to meet some of my bloggy friends!


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