Here is our home.
We purchased this home in 2009.  My goal is to make this builder basic home unique with a stamp of "Leeper" on it.
It has been a slow process, but there has been progress.

Here is where we are at the beginning of 2014.

The first room to get some attention was our office.
The office was completed in September 2012.
I still love working in this room.
To view the process, you can click Here.

Our Office ~ Finally Finished
Office Space


 The next room we worked on was our useless formal living room
which we transformed into a 
Billiard Room.
It went from this....
Old Formal Living Room
To THIS!!!!
To see how this room was transformed check out this post.
Billiard Room Complete

Billiard Room - How To Board & Batten

It took a little time, but I finally completed the gallery wall....
Gallery Wall
This is one of my favorite rooms so far.
To see the gallery wall process, take a look Here.

In October of 2013 we finished our little powder room.
Powder Room Complete

Here's a before and after. Love, love, love this little space!
Here you can check out the progress, Here.
Powder Room Before & After

My Daughter caught the DIY bug and decided to redo her room.
Of course, I helped. :)

To see how this room came to be, check Here.
Daughter's Room

Daughter's Room and Bathroom

Daughter's Room, Accent Wall and Headboard

That's about all we've done here in our home so far.
There is so much more we want to do.
Here are some of the spaces that need our love.


We have all kinds of ideas.... We just need time.

See up in the last picture that little room behind the fridge:
That is our den/library/Hubby wants a man cave room.

Living room:
Yes, I know this is decorated for Christmas, but it was just rearranged and
we LOVE it this way!
You can see what it looked like before, Here.

But as you can see, it needs some attention.
Oh, the plans I have for this room.
We will definitely be going in a much lighter direction.

Upstairs is where all of the bedrooms are.  You've seen my daughter's.  We have a guest room, my craft/sewing room (used to be my son's) and our master bedroom.

Here is the guest room:

Which leads to the Jack and Jill bathroom.

Which then leads to my "one day beautiful, organized, to die for" craft/sewing room.

 I do have an adorable sewing table in there now.

Do you see the potential craft storage area in that one HUGE closet?
It has 2 doors but it's one ginormous closet!

Then we have our master bedroom:
One day it will be our oasis....

From here you can see one door to our bathroom and the other to our closet.

Bathroom sinks and vanity.
You can see the stand up shower in the reflection and the door to the closet.

Garden tub.
I'm not a big fan.  I think I would have rather had a huge walk in shower!

Closet time...
Let me prepare you.  This closet could actually be another bedroom.
Yes, I am blessed.
The view from the bedroom:

My half.

Pictures aren't that great, but you get the idea.
It's kind of in the shape of a capital B.
Hubby's side.
 Hubby would LOVE to redo the closet with built ins... one day :)

And last on the list is the garage which is still in progress.
Our hopes are to finish it this spring.
 That's our home, hope you enjoyed a little peek into our world. :)


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  1. great looking house!

  2. Thank you for stopping by Be Colorful Coastal. I wanted to reciprocate and stop by your blog too. What a fun new look. Mine is just a basic Typepad template. I am just learning right now. I saw you had a home tour and I so enjoyed that too. Inspiring. I can see you are not afraid of color either. Glad I stopped by. Have a great week.

    1. Hi Pamela! Oh! I'm so glad you stopped by... now I can see that this page needs a bit of updating too. It's always something! Have a great week!


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