Gallery Wall Update

This took WAY longer than I thought it would.... The painting part was quick!

Here is the before... Remember that poopy brown color.... Blech!

Old Gallery Wall in Billiard Room
Ahhh.... This looks so much better, calmer... :)
Updated Gallery Wall Full View

Since we were painting the entry area, I figured we might as well paint the billiard room, too. You gotta see how we painted the 20 ft. walls!

I just love this gallery wall... It makes me smile every time I come in here. The years have flown by, but this wall let's me remember each stage, memory and smile I shared with my two beautiful children and my wonderful husband. This also reminds me to thank The Lord for His goodness.

I never intended to keep those black accents... I just never had enough incentive to get rid of them. Do you see those two little babies? Oh! My Gosh! Aren't they adorable???!!
Old Gallery Wall in Billiard Room

Old Gallery Wall in Billiard Room

So, first I repainted all of the picture frames. There are a few I'd like to replace, but it's what I have  for the time being. I painted them with a DIY Chalky Style Paint.
Updated Gallery Wall

While my daughter was home for a weekend, we discussed this room. She agreed that the color on  the walls was great, but the rug and the pool table and the light fixture were a bit more on the brownish side. Hmmm, hence the poopy brown color I had chosen earlier for the walls.

So, I needed to add some sort of brown to my wall, and I thought I'd try to blend in a more rustic feel.
Updated Gallery Wall Left Side

First, I had to change the collage. The flowers had to go. I just put antiqued nail heads in the holes and glued them there. That looks so much better! Then trying to figure out what would replace the black accents, I came up with these.
Updated Gallery Wall Wood Accents

I love the trend of arrows right now and wood letters.
Close Up of Arrow & Letter L

And these chevron arrows...  My daughter and I made a set for her a couple of months ago.
Wood Chevron Arrows

This wood "family" sign was an addition to the wall, it just belonged there. Hubby got involved and helped me.
Wood Family Sign

The last accent was our "25th Anniversary" sign. I love the way it came out.
Gallery Wall Wood Accents

I'll be sharing about how we made all of wood accents. I didn't purchase one thing for all of them! It all came from our scrap wood pile. :) It just took some time.

Whew! Now on to the next project!



  1. This was quite an ambitious project and it is beautiful! We have a wall in our living room that would be perfect for a gallery, thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks, Sandra!! I love things that have meaning on my walls.

  2. Wow, what a difference! It looks great! Love the wood accents too~

    1. Thanks, Jenna! I'm so happy with it now! Thanks for stopping by!! :)


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