Adding A Guest Room - Start To Finish

Adding A Guest Room - Start To Finish

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When we bought this cute little 2 bedroom brick house, we knew we could add on a third bedroom. There was plenty of room in the 18'x23' master bedroom. It's amazing how it all came together!

Let's take a quick trip down memory lane...

Our Little Brick House

Old Master Bedroom, closet and bathroom

When we walked into that massive master bedroom, we knew then and there we could turn that 2 bedroom into a 3 bedroom house. Whoa! It looked rough though!

Then we drew up some 'plans' for our vision.

Brick House Plans

This first one is before we added the bedroom.

Before adding guest room

Here, you can see how we added the 3rd bedroom. It came out pretty close to our plans!

Adding 3rd bedroom plans

God is so amazing! He worked out every detail! Then we started demo and found a surprise.😍

Guest Room Demo Surprise!

Guest Room Demo

And we found a brick wall behind our closet!

Brick wall surprise

Next we started framing. Guest Room Framed & More!

Guest Room Framed

Before we installed the floors, I wanted to fill the room with God's word. 

Scriptures On The Floor

Scriptures on the floor

Once drywall was done and the floors installed, I faux 'smeared' the brick wall.

How To Faux German Smear

How To Faux German Smear

Which brings us to present day! We are getting ready for our first guest in a few weeks!

Enter Guest room

Wow! We've come a long way, baby! This guest room is approximately 11'x 13'. There's plenty of space in there. We'll be bringing up the crib for our sweet granddaughter to stay in.

Other side of guest room

Gah! I just love that wall! Doesn't the rug look wonderful in there?! I tried switching this rug with the one in the other guest room, but it just looked too good in here! I purchased it on Amazon. 
NuLoom Rose Persian Vintage Rug

Guest Room Rug

The only other thing we still need to do is change out the window. It currently has a crank open window and needs to be a regular slide open window. There was a huge bush in front of it, but we've transplanted it now.

Window and closet - guest room

Recently, we added ceiling fans to all the bedrooms. We love the sleek modern look. We purchased it at Lowes. Harbor Breeze Beach Creek Fan

The closet has plenty of room in it. I'll be updating the doors at some point. But...Let's just take a closer look at that craftsman trim!💕

Craftsman trim over closet doors

I just love the way that trim looks. sleek, simple, and modern.

So, there you have it! We have a 3rd bedroom!!

Added a 3rd bedroom



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