Our Little Brick House

Our Little Brick House

Now that we've been in the little brick house for a few weeks, let me catch you up on all the things.

After we got the keys we went over to check out the place.  We had about 4 days til we really started moving in.

My brother, sister in law, and niece came to see our new place.  My sister in law asked..."Do you want to rip out carpet?" I asked, "Right now?"  She's like, "Yeah!"  Alright!! Yes! Let's do this!!  

Ripping out living room carpet

We all jumped right in cutting, ripping and rolling into this huge mountain of carpet and padding!! 

Ripping out bedroom carpet

I can't believe we ripped out ALL OF THE CARPET that night!! Whooo Hooo!!  My niece was so into it, she never stopping smiling!!

Mountain of carpet and padding

Under the living room carpet and hallway was beautiful hardwood floors. I will never understand why people covered them up. We even took out all the nasty carpet in the bathrooms. 

Speaking of bathrooms... we found out that both toilets had some pretty bad leaks. Well, that's the next project we attacked. I did a bit of research trying to find a reasonable, elongated, comfort height toilet.  We purchased 2 Kohler Elmbrook toilets from Home Depot.  I actually really like the clean lines of this toilet. 😊 

Hubby had to replace the subfloor... it was rotted out. Gross!!

Before... and a new toilet

Yes, we installed the toilet right on the subfloor.  This is all temporary!  We'll be remodeling all of this. Enough about toilets! 😝

Carpet, padding and toilets loaded on trailer

The next day, I loaded up the trailer with all of the carpet and padding and hubby threw the old toilets in there.  All of that went to the dump!

The next day we started moving.  It went great!  We had help from friends and neighbors and hired movers for our large pieces. 😍

One of the first major projects we wanted to do was to have a new furnace installed. The little brick house had water boiler baseboards and central air. Since central air was already in place, we didn't need to run any duct work, but a new furnace that had heat and air conditioning combined was installed.  

Soooo glad we had that done first!  

While that was going on, I decided to rip out the cabinet above the refrigerator.  The fridge was about a ½ " too tall.  Ugh!  It only took me about 20 minutes to take that bad boy down and slide the fridge in place!

Removed cabinet above fridge

Now, that the furnace is finished, we need to drain the boiler and begin removing the baseboards.  We'll do each room as we work on them.

We are so happy and glad to be here. God has shown up more than once, helping us, guiding us and protecting us.

Here is a little tour of our new home. 😍 These are all before photos!


We love this little backyard, it's so quiet and peaceful!  It needs lots of love!

Another photo of the backyard

Living/dining room leads into kitchen.  Plans to eliminate the wall between the two.

Living room/dining room

Kitchen will eventually be gutted and redone.


This is our office/mudroom.  It will all be painted and made pretty.  The chimney thingy will be removed... one day.


Nice size laundry room.  Needs a complete overhaul.

Laundry Room

Guest room is nice size. This probably only needs paint.  Oh, I think we'll get rid of the lace curtains.😂

guest room

Bathroom 1 

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 2

Here is the huge jacuzzi tub in bathroom 2.  Keep an eye out for a future post... It's a hoot!!

jacuzzi tub

And the master bedroom... it's sooo large.  Plans to add a third bedroom and all kinds of stuff!!

Master bedroom

Master bedroom doors

Lastly, the basement... it's actually pretty nice.  Needs updating but a nice space with storage.


There is a good amount of storage through the hall to the right, next to that table.  It's also where the boiler and water heater are located.

Another Basement photo

Whew! I'm ready to start the projects!!



  1. OMG--- those floors! Yay! Does this put you closer to the grandbaby?

    1. Hi Sara! Ikr! Those floors! They don't make them like that anymore, they are the hardest wood floors I've ever seen! And sadly no... We are still in the same area where hubby works. We'll just have to see what the Lord has in store for the future.


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