3 Tips For Electrical Tape Window Grids

3 Tips For Electrical Tape Window Grids

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All the demos I've seen to add electrical tape to windows, seem so easy. Well, I'm here to tell you, it isn't as easy as it seems... Don't get me wrong, it's very doable! 

Through this process, I learned a few tricks along the way. 

This window did not have any grids in the glass. If you are into the new trend of painting your windows black and adding black tape to your already existing grids, then you won't have to worry about tip #1. 

Window glass without a grid

Please read all the tips before you begin. It helps to understand the whole process first.

I used regular electrical tape that I picked up at Walmart in a pack of colors.  Here is a link to one like it on Amazon,  White Electrical Tape.

White Electrical Tape for Window Grids

Tip #1 - Measure, measure, measure. I thought I had marked the center of the window, only to realize that it was easier to measure where the edge of the tape would hit. Double checking the top and bottom of the window. I wasted a bunch of tape until I figured this out, it just didn't look like it was center, so I kept re adjusting it and that would mess it up. Ugh!

The tape I used was ½" wide. Find center on your window, then mark ¼" on either side of the center mark. That's where the edges of your tape will hit.

Measure for your window grids

Tip #2 - Don't stretch out the tape. Electrical tape is meant to be stretched for electrical work. Here you don't want to stretch it. If you do, the heat and cold will cause the tape to shrink and then you will have gaps on the sides of your window.

I would pull the tape off the roll attach it at the top and let it hang.

Let tape hang on the window

You can readjust it before you stick it to the window.

Tip # 3 - Leave a bit of the tape attached to the side of the window. If you cut the tape right at the edge, it will shrink. Trust me! The tape matches your window and no one will notice or see it.

Tip # 3 Leave tape attached to side of window

One line finished.

One electrical tape grid line finished

Electrical Tape Window Grid Finished

Here's a close up.

Electrical Tape Window Grid close up

Is it perfect? No. But I don't think anyone is going to come measure my lines and correct me. 😜

I just love the way the front door came out! You should see what it looked like before! 😳 You can see the whole start to finish process here, 1960 Front Door Makeover.

1960 Front Door Transformation

I love the grid just peeking out over the floral arrangement.


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