Our Simple Christmas Home

Updated 12.17.21

Our Simple Christmas Home

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I was chatting with Hubby about the name of this post... He looks around and asks me, "Are you sure it's 'simple'?" Hahaha... I told him compared to sooo many other "Christmas Home Tours" ours is definitely simple.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea if you prefer, and enjoy Our Simple Christmas tour.

I've been taking on a more simple approach to decorating lately... 'less is more'. And it has spilled over into Christmas... Just a less cluttered, less busy look. You mean, every nook and cranny doesn't need to represent Christmas??? Nope, not here!

So let's start outside....

Front porch Christmas

I was so excited to dress up my new porch planters up for Christmas. 😊 You can read how we built the Wood Porch Planters.

Those are artificial trees I purchased on Amazon. Here's the link to them, Faux Arborvitae Trees. They are so realistic and full. I also deconstructed the wreath on my door. I took off all the decor and gave it a simple white bow.

We usually do lights on every single bush... I'm not saying we won't do that ever again, but for some reason, not this year.... But... we HAD to put up our Nativity Scene! Hubby and I built this last year and I LOVE it so much!!

DIY Nativity Scene

When you walk through the front door, you will be greeted by our rustic, white and silver Christmas tree. We had a terrible time with the lights on this tree! Which prompted the post about Saving Your Pre-Lit Christmas Tree From The Trash! We saved that one!

Entry tree

I enjoy this tree so much! I made a lot of the ornaments on it a few years ago. You can see how easy they are to make, Handmade Ornaments.

Then we step through the hallway into the kitchen, where we have our coffee station set up. There's hot cocoa there too. 😊

Coffee Corner

In keeping with the idea of simple, I just added a red bow to the Fluffy Rag Wreath I made this year. I also purchased some long needle pine garland at AC Moore. I LOVE that stuff! I already had a puny ugly green garland, so I cut up the long needle pine and added it to the puny green garland. So, when you add those two together, you get beautiful!!💕

The window sill at the kitchen sink, just needed a little something...

Little trees

Aren't those little trees adorable? I picked those up at AC Moore too! They are so tiny and sweet, adding a little bow to the galvanized pots was just simple enough.

I finished this little wreath the other day. Simple 10 Minute Christmas Wreath. Soooo cute and simple!

Simple gold wreath

Normally, I'd show you my dining table.... but you'll have to stop by another day. I finished it! Click here to see my first ever tablescape! A Simple Christmas Table

On your way to the living room, you'll pass this little scene...

Simple nativity

Hubby and I worked on this painting together, you can see the process DIY Lighted Christmas Art. Again, we didn't pull out our traditional manger scene... less is more...

You know, thinking about this as I write... That night so long ago, when baby Jesus was born... That was a very simple night. Although, there was quite the celebration going on! The angels lit up the sky announcing the birth of our Savior King!

I always want to remember the true meaning of Christmas, why we celebrate. It's not all the decor, it's not the food or fun music, it's not the presents. It's about the greatest gift, God The Father, could ever give us. Eternal life with Him, through Jesus Christ born on that simple night so long ago. If we open that gift by accepting Jesus as our Savior, we can also enjoy that gift of eternal life with Him. 💕

In our living room, Hubby and I often gaze at our family Christmas tree looking for items on the tree that remind us of why we have so much to celebrate. This is our memory tree.

Memory tree

There are ornaments on there from my mom and grandmother, that are in heaven now. We hung up ornaments that the kiddos had when they were young. There are ornament from places we all vacationed together, toys, trinkets, photos, etc. We can sometimes get a bit emotional placing them on the tree, but they are happy memories and we are so thankful for them.

Like these little guys.... my children LOVED to play with these little reindeer growing up.

Little reindeer

They've been loved on quite a bit... one lost it's antlers, and most have been glued back together more than once. Most years, my grown son will still move them to funny unexpected places while he visits for Christmas! 😂 😍

Our mantel this year, is a collection of pine and candles... I love this look. Simple.

Christmas mantel

Hubby and I made those white lanterns a couple of years ago with scrap wood. See the link here, DIY Rustic Lanterns.

Christmas mantel

This is where I also used the other long pine needle garland. I added a few sprigs of berries. Those chunky candlesticks are actually bed posts we cut up. If you want, you can check those out, Bedposts To Candlesticks.

Are you loving those stockings as much as I am???

Fur Cuff Stockings

Yep, I made those too. Here's the link to those adorable stockings! Fur Cuffed Stockings.

So as you sit down at our couch to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, listening to some good ole classic Bing Crosby, you'll see a few other touches here and there....

Joyful vignette

This decorated box sits under our television fill with more of that long needle pine garland, berries, pinecones and bells. I still am in love with those simple blocks I made last year. On one side they say 'Joyful' and the other side says 'Gather'. You can see the tutorial, here... DIY Wooden 'Gather' Blocks.

Lastly, when you set your coffee cup down on the coffee table, you'll see a few more touches of Christmas...

A simple tray filled with ornaments, candles and pine, along with a group of snowmen singing along...

Then off to the side another one of my very favorites that must be set out every. single. year. My kids laugh at me, but I don't care...

little nativity

Oh my goodness... I can see their little fingers painting those faces on... LOVE THIS!!

I hope you've enjoyed our simple Christmas home.... I've enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

Merry Christmas!


  1. That nativity scene is still a fave of mine. Everything looks so festive, I love it.

  2. Lori, it's all so pretty! I love your nativity and understand completely about the memories attached. We put out a plate and cup that each of our sons made when they were little bitty. They are 25 and 28 now. :)


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