From Bedposts To Candlesticks

Updated 10.2.20

Bedposts To Candlesticks

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Who would've thought you could make candlesticks from bedposts.

Bed Posts to Candlesticks Before and After

These old bed post things have been lying around in my basement for a couple years. One of our tenants left them when they vacated their apartment. I figured I could do something with them. I didn't have the heart to throw them away.

Bed posts laying on the ground

The bed rails must have been sawed off and disposed of... so the first thing I need to do is remove the supports.

Remaining bed rail support needs to be removed
I removed the screws and tried prying one off.  That didn't work so well... so I'm going to use the multitool to remove the rest of the material.

use multitool to remove rail support

That worked perfect!  That looks so much better!

multitool smoothed out bedpost

Here are the posts all cut up.  Hubby, of course, helped cut them on the table saw. 😍

bed posts cut up

We cut one of the bases in half to attach to one of the posts.

cutting one of the bases in half for candlestick

Now, they are all ready for paint.  I like how they are all different heights.

Candlesticks all ready for paint

First, prime then paint.  My favorite primer is Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer.  It's basically magic!

Priming candlesticks

For the finished look, I used my DIY Chalk Paint Recipe.  Two coats and they were done!

Painted candlesticks

Add a little fall decor and voilé!

Bedposts To Candlesticks

I'm so happy with how they came out!

Bed Posts to Candlesticks Before and After


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